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3/24/14 8:29 A

CALLMECARRIE - this is me as well. But I only just started back 5 weeks ago.

3/23/14 3:57 P

This has been difficult for me. After years of not exercising, when I finally got so I kind of liked exercise and liked the effects on my health, I felt like I couldn't stop for even one day, even if I was sore and tired, for fear of backsliding. After 2 years and 2 months at this lifestyle change, I'm just finally starting to feel like I can take a rest day without guilt and panic. Sometimes you just really need rest.

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3/23/14 2:12 P

I like using recovery instead of rest. Thanks!

WALIDGAZALA Posts: 8,106
3/23/14 5:53 A


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3/23/14 5:00 A

i usually take one day off per week

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3/22/14 10:43 P

I think it helps to refer to them as "recovery days" rather than "rest days". It is part of a deliberate strategy to let your body catch up on all those little repair jobs, and to get stronger, not a case of laziness - and the wording should reflect that.

But it doesn't mean you have to necessarily sit on your butt. Keep it moderate in terms and intensity and duration, and avoid high impact or strength training. A 20 minute walk (for example) would fit the bill perfectly, and help you stay in a routine of regular exercise while still allowing sufficient recovery for your body.


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3/22/14 6:37 P

I work out 7-9 hours a week so I gratefully take my rest day.

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3/22/14 5:39 P

Yeah, I did some gentle yoga. Figured I would save my "do nothing" days for when I do not feel well.

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3/22/14 3:27 P

You don't have to be completely sedentary on a rest/recovery day. You could take a walk if you'd like. Do something low intensity so that you're not over taxing your body. While it is important to stay active, you don't have to kill yourself to be healthy.

So, take a walk, take a relaxing bike ride, take a yoga class (not bikram or power).

Listen to your body. the right amount of exercise will keep us fit and strong. too much can break down our immune system.

LINDS1221 Posts: 80
3/22/14 3:07 P

That's ok, rest days are needed. I usually try to get in one rest day a week.

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3/22/14 7:45 A

I feel like a sloth doing nothing!

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