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5/7/13 6:02 A

Have you been checked for allergies? I know that some of us who have this, sometimes crave the very thing that we are allergic to. Weird, but true :-(


JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/6/13 10:29 A

I understand what you are trying to do. I had to do the same thing with sugar for a while. I cut it out for a month. I have had it now, since, but I have to remind myself to keep without it daily, so that I don't go nuts and eat any candy in my house! I know that when time goes by, I will eventually have a better grasp on my triggers and eat things better in moderations (I'm getting better every time I do it!)

What I tend to do for the most part is try to take a multivitamin. It seems like when my nutrients are in balance, I don't crave other things as much.

The other things I do especially when one pops up when I am not hungry, is distract myself with ANYTHING. A walk, read for a bit, play with the kids, anything that will not allow me to think of the food that I want. Usually, it goes away and is far more manageable.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
5/6/13 9:39 A

Well, thankfully, I succeeded without eating it. The thing with moderation of those foods is that if it worked for me, I'd already be at my goal weight. I have been struggling with this for the last 4 years, and after having no problem with exercise, I knew that it had to be the diet. I guess I should have also specified. I still allow myself dark chocolate and ice cream, and the occasional candy, just not things like pastries or cookies, or cake, or anything 'bread-y'.
Those are some serious trigger foods for me and it's like telling an alcoholic they can still have one drink. It's more than that though. It physically makes me ill, so in the end, why would I even put something into my body that will make it hurt? I had ignored it for so many years until recently, the effects were really pronounced. My stomach just ached, and I felt like I was "coming down" from something, almost like a hang over. I've already been checked for diabetes, so I know it wasn't that. It happened to me twice, so I'm just avoiding it all together.
It's not about being extreme. It's about taking an addict's vice away, and healing. Some people can do the 'one serving' without feeling hungry 20 minutes later, but unfortunately, after years of addiction to food, and having those types of food be my triggers, I just have to give those certain foods up.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/6/13 7:26 A

Weigh out/measure ONE serving and enjoy as part of your menu, if you feel you need it.

As SlimmerKiwi implied - getting healthy is NOT about deprevation - it's about balance.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,564)
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5/6/13 6:45 A

You might find that you are setting yourself up for a major fall by cutting out those foods for the entire month. This isn't about deprivation, but rather about wise choice of food MOST of the time, and good portion control.

Sometimes if a person is craving, then you are better off to have a little of the food - take your time with it and take in the smell, the taste, the texture etc.

As far as wanting to eat when you are not hungry - well that is another matter! Distraction techniques often work - if you can, get in some exercise - go for a walk - just don't take money and don't go past a shop - LOL!


STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
5/5/13 7:10 P

I am fighting some fierce cravings for cheez its and poptarts right now! I already have my dinner and dessert planned, and it doesn't involve those foods! In fact, I set a goal for myself to completely avoid any white breads and starches for the entire month of May! I have been successful so far, and even said 'no' to chocolate cake yesterday at a family gathering. I think the only thing keeping me from eating right now is knowing how silly I'd feel giving in today after toughing it out yesterday with my food-pusher family!

I guess I'm just venting..The thing is, I'm not hungry! It's only 4:06pm here, and I just had a snack of tangerines and dried cherries. I'll drink more water and see how that helps me. I know my emotions just want something to eat not my stomach.

What do you guys do when you're getting a mad craving, and what keeps you from 'giving in'?

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