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We do not have an article here at Sparkpeople on the topic.
When asked about the topic, I often reference the article that has already been shared in the link below. It is a very good review of the concept, the research and the type foods.

I think it is a field of research that will grown and maybe involved in new food product development. For right now, there are a few foods to include in the diet, but overall most people I work with have no desire to eat green bananas and cold potatoes (unless in a salad). So all the concepts are not "table friend" for the family day to day.

With diabetes education and PCOS education, I definitely discuss the concept; but people first need to get a handle on total carbs consumed and trying to reach for higher quality carbs whenever possible. Hope this helps.

your SP Registered Dietitian

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11/3/13 10:10 A

Just because something has not been studied over and over doesn't make it untrue....Resistant Starch is a fiber that digests slowly and may help keep a person full....foods with soluble and insoluble fiber

Diabetics are wise to eat slow moving carbs as it doesn't raise blood sugar and because of the slow digestion. Some carbs, such as sugars and most starch, are rapidly digested.

Natural carbs have fiber and nutrients. Some of the good sources of natural carbs are wild rice, beans, some fruits and red potatoes (as red potatoes have less starch in them white)
Rye and pumpernickel breads have resistant starch, so do oats, lentils, barley. These were recommended to me when I was pre-diabetic. ...and since I no longer am...I guess I am one who can say it works. I still eat Rye or Pumpernickel and touch no other bread....if I have pasta 2X per month that a lot and then it's brown rice pasta or if I eat Dreamfield's it the size of a light bulb cooked with green beans or broccoli.

Also, resistant starch may help burn fat!

I am sure there is a lot of information on the net about resistant a web search.

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I have heard a bit about it here, including my Dietitian mentioning it with cold baked potato, and a Dietitian on TV with mentioning the cold potato and greenish bananas (as in not overripe with spots forming on the skin) and other foods. A Dietitian writing for our National Newspaper mentioned a brief bit about it, too. I would be interested in reading an easily understood article from SP experts, that could be saved. I think it might help others who are deciding to go 'low carb', altho' I'm not interested in going doing this, but rather possibly incorporating more of these foods in place of a couple others. I very seldom eat pasta - I don't mind it but it definitely isn't up there with my favourites.

I have just come across this

I don't know anything about that site, so don't know how reliable it is.


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11/2/13 9:37 A

I know Becky has responded to questions about it. Try searching on "Dreamfields;" that's a pasta brand in the US that claims to be super low-carb because it's made with "resistant starch," although the legal nutrition facts label lists more carbs than conventional pasta.

I think Becky's response was that this is still theoretical; the basic idea makes sense but no one has been able to demonstrate that these starches have a different effect on the body.

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11/2/13 7:28 A

I don't believe we have any articles on that topic.

Coach Jen

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11/2/13 2:15 A

Are there any SparkPeople Dietitian generated articles on Resistant Starch? I can't find any.


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