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I find it interesting that when I *think* I've really not eaten much at all during the day, and I put everything in the tracker...9 times out of 10 I'm at (or very close to) the bottom of my calorie range.

the good thing about that is that I'm staying in my ranges. The bad part about that is 1200 or so calories don't go as far as I think (even after YEARS of keeping track of what I eat!)

I can't imagine how bad it would be if I still ate like I did in my younger years emoticon

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Hi everyone......I am at a 14 lb. weight loss, since I rejoined Sparkpeople on 3/9/13. I started at 200, and am now at 185. I feel that I have been able to really CONCENTRATE far better on what I am eating because of the "Nutrition Tracker". I enter EVERYTHING that I eat each day, and at the end of the day, it is a pleasure to see that I have kept true to myself by keeping all of my "numbers" where they should be. I monitor my calories, carbs, proteins, sodium, fat, fiber, etc. I find that if I plan my day with my Nutrition Tracker at the BEGINNING of the day, print out the day's food plan and slap it on my refrigerator, I am faithful to the numbers. I am so blessed to have found and am very grateful for the simple Nutrition Tracker that it offers. Has made a huge difference in my weight loss, along with working out on a treadmill 6x per week. It's working for me, and I hope this inspires others..............give your Nutrition Tracker a lot more of your time, and see if it helps you................

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