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8/3/13 10:59 A

" I'm just looking to get lean muscle, not to bulk up or anything".

There's really no difference. How much you "bulk up" depends on how much you're eating and how much testosterone you have. If you don't have much testosterone (women usually don't), you're not eating at a calorie surplus and you don't spend hours in the gym. You'll never have to worry about bulking up. It takes years to build mass.

It is very, very difficult for women to build muscle like a man. It is literally impossible to bulk up on a calorie deficit. You'd be very lucky to build much muscle at all while dieting. Most people should only expect to maintain muscle on a calorie deficit (since as you lose weight, you lose muscle/tissue as well).

4-8 reps for strength
8-12 to build muscle (and as Zorbs pointed out you should benefit from both increased strength and endurance).
12+ for endurance

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8/3/13 10:53 A

I agree with ZORBS. Congrats to you for lifting heavy for fewer reps instead of lifting lighter. If you're fatigued towards the last few reps but can still make it the whole way through, then at the point where it becomes easier to get the whole way through, up your weights again.

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8/3/13 10:30 A

8-12 is good for general fitness as it is a mix of strength and endurance.

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8/3/13 9:42 A

How many reps should you do when weight lifting? I've been aiming for about 10 reps with a weight that is heavy enough to make me feel strained by rep 8. I do three sets of this. In some places, I've heard you should only do 8 reps. I'm just looking to get lean muscle, not to bulk up or anything, and I'm a little confused as to how many reps I should do. Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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