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12/11/10 4:45 A

My husband is allergic to onions and peppers as well (I on the other hand LOVE onions) and he often uses a lot of garlic, cumin, ginger, mustard powder, and oregano to replace a lot of the punch that the peppers give, especially along with the veggies the other replies mentioned should work just fine. We have been thinking of playing with using dikon (a huge Japanese white radish) combined with fresh garlic in cooked dishes to replace the bulk of onions, especially when sauteed. I've cooked regular red radishes in a root stew before and they held together nicely.

Some of how you can make substitutions depends on your personal preference for spices & seasonings. Just think about the flavors that you like the best and decide on your own spice mixes based on how they would be used and how strong you like them. For example, if a recipe gets a lot of bulk/flavor/spice from sauteed peppers, you could have your spice mix for 'strong spicy' (cumin, ginger & mustard powder maybe) and add it to quartered sauteed crimini (baby portabello) mushrooms.

It has been a long road for me to figure out how to adapt onion and pepper heavy recipes for my husband, but it really comes down to finding out what your preferred close equivalent (in bulk and flavor) are.

Hope this helps! emoticon

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11/16/10 10:11 A

depending on the recipe i say replace them with whatever veggie you can have...broccoli has good crunch if cooked to and gets soft if cooked to, so it's versatile and tastes good plain, seasoned, with marinara...very versatile. if it's a cold recipe i imagine celery can replace the bell peppers crunch. i pretty much use any and all veggies whenever and wherever, so i say if you can't have the bell peppers, just sub in any low cal veggie you want...they are all low cal and goof for you :)

recipes can be tweaked by the preparer, that's you...good luck :)

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11/14/10 9:56 P

I don't use bell peppers because I just don't like them, so I use water chestnuts, more onions like someone else said, maybe even seeds of some kind, like pumpkin, it's not the same, but for flavor or texture it's great.

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11/14/10 9:51 A

What about asparagus?

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11/13/10 8:01 P

replace bell peppers with celery, okra, leeks, bok choy, or any other crunchy veggie for texture. Also try unpeeled red and green apples for color.

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10/29/10 8:39 P

How about for color zuchini or cucumber (peel on). Horshradish,washbi and mustards seeds also have heat. emoticon

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
10/29/10 5:27 A

How about using a little mild onion like scallions?
Fine carrot or beet strips might work as well.

In replacement to chili, ground ginger is fiery, that may work out.

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10/28/10 10:44 P

It seems like half the dinner recipes here have bell peppers in them. It really peeves me because you can't just leave them out- the recipe will be too bland. I can't put them in because I'm allergic.

I can't use green chilies either...

Any ideas how to replace peppers to make a recipe good without making me sick?

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