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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,139
10/6/11 9:59 P

I'm reading the book by Gary Taubes' "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" and I recommend reading it. He says it is sugars/starches that make us fat, since our processed foods today are NOTHING like our ancestors put in their bodies. I know I can't drink milk because then I crave cookies, chips, etc. and that is where I gain the weight, as at NIGHT I can take in an extra 1,000 calories which is the reason I can't get that scale to do down. His book is really good.

9/19/11 9:44 A

Using the sparkpeople sight helped me so much-not just physically but emotionally as well. It was such a powerful tool to keep in on track-I would start every day by going on sparks and doing the sparkpoints and getting myself motivated for the day ahead. I got distracted by facebook and wasting time planting fake crops. I've finally gotten bored with facebook and hope to get inspired once again by starting my day with all the other sparks. This is such a powerfully positive place to be. Thanks sparkpeople

VERITY50 Posts: 621
9/15/11 10:23 P

I am back and battling the same seven/7. It is not a lucky number when its on the scale. What the heck is God trying to tell me by having me do this over and over and over and over!

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VERITY50 Posts: 621
1/25/11 1:06 P

Finally back to Weight Watchers goal weight and Lifetime Status... Now I am aiming for staying power!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,139
1/24/11 12:01 A

You're doing great.

VERITY50 Posts: 621
1/17/11 11:41 P

The numbers are finally starting to come down! I feel better. When I am in the zone I feel it. Please God help me to remember this feeling! emoticon

VERITY50 Posts: 621
12/15/10 1:32 P

Still working on that five that has now become 7! Hmm.

Why is that I am so excited when I work for weeks to get one pound off, but I am not at all upset when it starts creeping back up!

I have to set my alarm to go off at 2 pounds or less over goal. emoticon

WARRIOR11209 Posts: 1,432
3/22/10 1:25 P

I know the feeling - and although I have not gained lately I can actually feel the extra pounds jiggling in my butt(that is the first place that the extra weight settles)!!!!
But since you have gotten back to the exercise that 5 pounds should be gone soon!!

VERITY50 Posts: 621
3/22/10 12:31 A

Is it just me or does anyone else hate that too full jiggly wiggly feeling you get when you've gained weight. I hate it and I got to drop 5 pounds... Help me Jesus!

VERITY50 Posts: 621
11/9/09 12:05 P

Monday mornings are sometimes hard for me since I don't get up and go to the gym on Saturday or Sunday. However, I know once I get in the door and start to exercise, I feel so much better. And today was no exception, After my 30 minutes of cardio, I really wanted to do more, but I had to go and catch the train. I need to remind myself how good it feels afterward when I am lying in bed procrastinating! emoticon

NEXTYEAR Posts: 2,997
10/22/09 9:22 P

I'm in a slump since tuesday. No cardio. no strength training. I was really going good. I think I overdid it. I really like your topic. Think I will start back at the beginning and take a 10 min walk tomorrow.

CYNTHIATOY3 Posts: 324
10/20/09 11:47 A

It is hard for me to think about my past success when I am in difficult times. I am now at a weight I have seen before. I want to go past this mark and I will by remebering and focusing on the positive things. I will not be overcome with the negative.

10/20/09 10:50 A

Absolutely! And look at you go! I'm very envious!

Sometimes when I want to eat that breaded tenderloin I remember all the times I sacrifice the junk and ate healthy and it helps me to stay on track.

Good luck to you!

VERITY50 Posts: 621
10/19/09 8:27 P

I often forget my past successes when I am having a difficult time So I have started this journal to remind my self that I have done it once and I can do it again and again and again. I missed the gym today and I feel bad. But prior to today, I was in the habit of 5 days a week. Have you had any past success that you need to remind yourself of today?

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