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CINDYA1962 Posts: 1,154
6/22/10 8:13 P

Albacore tastes better but has SO much more mercury than chunk light, pregnant women are told not to eat it at all. I think if you eat it often, I'd avoid the albacore, but once in awhile, it would probably be fine.

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6/21/10 3:24 P


6/21/10 2:59 P

When buying canned tuna, choose 'light' skipjack tuna over 'white' albacore tuna. Not only does 'light' have three times less mercury, it's less expensive too.

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60SIXTY Posts: 25,074
6/20/10 11:36 P

emoticon LINDYDANCER for the link, but I couldn't get it to work. I was able to get to other screens onthe site.
I hope this link works better and might lead somebody to the info they are looking for. It is part of the same website.

This is about tuna

See the health alert.

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6/20/10 11:01 P

The bigger the fish the more mercury... try sardines... too bad salmon has more calories... it had good omega 3 too..

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
6/20/10 8:34 A

I buy albacore, I think it tastes better.

6/19/10 11:29 P

Hello everyone,

I'm ecologist specializing in fish, so I might be able to help you with your question! Only certain types of Albacore have an advisory for increased mercury. Fish that are caught with a troll or pole-and-line do not have an advisory (I won't tell you they are mercury free, but they are advisory free). Certain fisheries are more ecologically friendly than other fisheries. Also, Albacore tuna has more Omega-3s than the other options as it tends to be found farther north. Personally, I choose the troll and pole caught Albacore!

There is more information available at

This is an excellent website to consult for a variety of seafood sustainability and mercury questions. They also provide quick reference cards (pocket guide) with seafood referenced by safety and sustainability.


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6/19/10 11:10 P

Albacore has more mercury. For a normal women, if you eat albacore you should only have 1 can a week, while the other kind you can have about 3.

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CIELBEE Posts: 357
6/19/10 8:06 P

They are from different kinds of tuna-since the albacore is a larger tuna it has more mercury, but it has a more mild flavor than the skipjack tuna which is often what is in the light tuna.

6/19/10 4:20 P

albacore has more mercury in it so the regular is better for you even though the white tuna taste is slightly better it is full of a lot more toxins of mercury.

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6/19/10 4:05 P

I think some people look at regular tuna as "cat food" because of it's appearance, whereas albacore is whiter. That's the only difference I see.

MUMZY_OF_4 Posts: 297
6/19/10 3:49 P

What's the difference between regular tuna and Albacore other than that Albacore has more calories and fat? Wondering why anyone would pay more for the Albacore? There must be some benefit?

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