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WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
9/20/13 7:29 P

It depends on the brand, in my opinion. I like barilla okay, but I really prefer Bionaturae when I can find it. They are both whole grain pastas, but the Bionaturae is far superior in taste and texture- It is like two different kinds of pasta.

I think a big part of the problem is that people have a preconceived notion that wheat pasta tastes bad, and therefore, no matter how often they eat it, they think it tastes bad. Once, when my niece and nephew were over, I used whole grain pasta- and neither of them even noticed! And those are two picky eaters- my nephew only eats grilled cheese and spaghetti, and my niece only eats pb & j on white bread, macaroni & cheese and spaghetti.

Fiber is important, and whole grain pastas have high amounts of vitamins and trace minerals, since most of a grains nutrients are in its bran and germ, which are removed when a grain is refined. Depending on the grain, it can lose up to 90% of its nutrients when refined for things like white pastas.

Of course, evenone's tastes are different, and some people do not think the health benefits of whole grains outweigh what they consider to be something that tastes good.

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9/19/13 12:55 P

Maybe try a more flavorful sauce? Like a groud meat or sausage and eggplant sauce rather than just plain marinara?

LYNNIEV Posts: 394
9/18/13 9:40 A

I've seriously tried to like whole grain products and I just can't get used to it. I've tried just about every wheat (whole wheat/whole grain first ingredient) bread out there and I can't do it. Admittedly, I'm a white bread junkie. There's just something about the texture. I feel like I'm eating a sponge.

I do like Thomas' Light Multi-Grain English Muffins. Even though the first ingredient is unbleached enriched wheat flour, it still has 8 grams of fiber per muffin and only 100 calories.

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9/17/13 10:54 P

I definitely understand people who do not initially like the taste of most whole wheat and whole grain products. I have been eating whole grain/whole wheat breads, pizza crusts, pastas, etc, for several years now, so I really have grown to relish the taste and texture. However, most of my family, particularly my wife. would agree with you who do not like whole wheat/whole grain pasta. My YD likes it, and she often eats whole grain/whole wheat products. The rest of the family would choose the regular.

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LYNNIEV Posts: 394
9/17/13 10:00 P

I'm with LDHAWKE, I do NOT like the taste or texture of whole wheat pasta. I don't really eat pasta all that much, so when I have it, I want the real deal. Or, basically, the 'traditional' stuff.

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9/17/13 1:49 P

ARANYANI: Well-stated. Good info. I like to take whole-wheat pasta, add medium salsa, and grated Parmesan cheese. Sometimes I include cooked ground beef or chicken with the dish, sometimes not.

ARANYANI Posts: 113
9/17/13 12:07 P

I too prefer the taste of whole wheat ... it took some adjustment time, I suppose, but I've been eating it so long now that the tastelessness of regular pasta is pretty unappetizing. I almost feel like you might as well cut out the pasta and just have the sauce if it's not contributing any flavor.

One thing I've always done, though, is make pasta with lots of veggies and other flavors, so this might help with adjustment. Gorgonzola, spinach and walnuts. Broccoli-parmigiano cream sauce. Add tons of vegetables to a tomato sauce - mushrooms work well. If the pasta is served with very strong flavored things, then you probably won't notice the taste of it as much. No weak jarred sauces, or at least add on to them.

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9/16/13 7:04 P

I've been eating whole-grain and whole-wheat pasta for the last 3-4 years. I love it and much prefer the taste and texture over white. I either buy Barilla or Great Value. I particularly like Barilla's rotini.

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9/9/13 10:32 A

I've tried whole wheat pasta. I can't stand the taste. So it's back to our favorite pasta, Barilla. Check out their website. They have lots of recipes to try.

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9/9/13 10:27 A

I've heard a lot of different opinions ranging from body builders to everyday people like me and there still isn't enough difference for me to switch from regular pasta to whole wheat? Why sacrifice the taste for more fiber? I say add more veggies to the regular pasta and there is your more fiber. Haha. Does anyone have any ideas to make whole grain pasta ACTUALLY taste good?

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