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2/7/13 1:48 A

I usually exercise with a cold.....not with a fever. If I have to do a bit easier of a workout that's OK.

WAYCAT Posts: 1,012
2/7/13 1:03 A

These past two days I've started to go down with a cold - blocked ears and nose, sore throat, headache, the usual ailments.

I have kept up with my daily workouts today and yesterday, but know that I haven't been able to give it my best shot. I usually do Jillian Michaels, but couldn't quite face the intensity, so have been doing The Firm - still good workouts, but not as hard or intense, for me anyway.

I'm in two minds: one half thinks "Ah well, something is better than nothing", but the other half thinks "What's the point if you don't get anything out of it?"

I may take tomorrow off completely (I shall need my energy to do my house cleaning which takes 7 hours!) and hopefully then I'll be feeling better by the weekend and ready and able to workout at nearer my usual intensity.

I know my body will thank me in the long run if I slacken off a bit and give myself a chance to rest and recover.

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2/6/13 1:44 P

For me in the past when I have had a cold, I find I feel SO MUCH Better after a great cardio workout. Granted I may not push as hard as I would if I was feeling better. But it just seems my head feels clearer after the workout. And then a nice hot steamy shower afterwards is always good for sinus'. I notice my colds don't last as long as the kids or husbands either.
It's completely up to you though.


2/6/13 1:36 P

Maybe I'm a wuss, but I find working out a waste of time when I'm sick w/ a cold. Granted, every cold is different & so is every person, but I can't push myself and the last thing I want to do is be up & about....even for a light walk. I think it's up to you on you're feeling, but I've always heard it said that you shouldn't have hard workouts every single day because your body needs time to recover or you run the risk of tiring your immune system. I can't see pushing my body when my immune system is already run down. And, my mom is a nurse and always says to rest when you're sick. But...To each their own!

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2/6/13 1:30 P

Going out for walks helps. But strenuous exercise is a bad idea I think.

NHANDE09 Posts: 34
2/6/13 12:19 P

Thanks, I have not done cardio but have been sticking to strength training and yoga just to let my body relax a little.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/6/13 12:19 P

That depends. Are you getting enough sleep?

When I have a nasty cold, I've found that *light* exercise, like a walk, helps clear my sinuses and head. I feel better afterwards. I can't manage any heavy duty exercise, though; hard to breathe at a cadence through a stuffed nose. ;)

However, if you're short on sleep because you're not resting well, more rest wouldn't be amiss. This doesn't have to be either/or. Get a little more rest, and a little less exercise, and see how you feel!

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2/6/13 12:18 P

I was miserable with a cold last week, and I exercised every day. Maybe not the best idea but I was fine for the most part.

NHANDE09 Posts: 34
2/6/13 12:14 P

I have had a bad cold all week. Is it better to rest or keep exercising?

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