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Granted our needs are likely different, but sometimes my meals contain North of 60g of protein in a single sitting. I recently went and had full bloodwork and urinalysis done, and no adverse effects were found from this level of consumption. And that's even with a borderline low testosterone level.

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Hi Slasalle,
Protein portion sizes are individual based on your weight & goals but 3-4 oz with meals is a good estimate. It's important to get enough protein to keep your muscle mass while losing weight. Making sure to have protein in the morning with breakfast and snacks is especially important like eggs, greek yogurt, ot nut butters. Good luck!

10/7/13 3:20 P

I saw this thread too and I was concerned and gave a post.
Perhaps there was also another thread that I missed (and the one you saw).

As I reported....
yes, there are people who need to limit protein (certain kidney diseases are the ones that come to mind most often).

However, for the healthy adult and especially the adult wanting to lose weight---limiting protein to 2 ounces of protein (which may only be 14 grams) at a meal is very restrictive and not necessary. Since protein can help maintain muscle mass and promote satiety---this 2 ounce restriction may be even detrimental to weight loss.

If you can find the post, please provide the link so I can check for accuracy and updating.

your SP Registered Dietitian

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I was reading posts on SparkPeople last week and saw somebody who had consulted a dietician who told them you should consume no more than 2 ounces of protein at a time. It struck me as add since 3 ounces is considered a serving.

I was wondering if this might apply to a diabetic diet, or some other special type of diet. Mostly, I wanted to make sure that eating 3 ounces of protein at a time is not hurting my weight loss.

Thanks for any info you have on this!

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