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6/15/12 11:50 A

I really did suspect that it had to be the shoes and since I've stopped wearing them, I've really noticed a difference. I will have to take the loss. (Bummer 'cause it actually came out of our grocery money that week). For now, I will continue to wear an old pair I have and will definitely be on the look out for a good pair on super-sale. Thanks for all the ideas on where to find great deals. Very helpful.

TKORTE99 Posts: 143
6/15/12 11:37 A

I firmly believe that a pair of Fit Flops, which Victoria's Secret sold years ago prior to the new toning type shoes came onto the scene, are the root cause of most of my aches & pains!! I never had any aches or pains prior to wearing them and I wore them all the time that summer. I started having alot of problems and pain with one of my knees but ignored it. Now after numerous cortizone shots over the years and therapy, I've gotten the pain in my knee to subside to being tolerable, but its not gone.

I would avoid those type of shoes at all costs.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,276
6/15/12 11:18 A

And often times, the running stores have last year's models on sale. You can find deals. Really. and are also great places to find shoes at reasonable prices.

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6/15/12 8:54 A

I too need a good pair of shoes, running shorts and a good sports bra. Money is a factor when i have a family of 5. But what i am doing is buying one thing at a time and making due. But the goal is to get it all in time and not let it stop me right now. You can do the same. Also look for sales at the shoe stores. And you can try ebay. A cheaper find you might get there. emoticon emoticon

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
6/15/12 8:47 A

Shoes are the one thing you should splurge on for exercising. It's not about buying expensive shoes, it' about buying shoes that fit you properly. You bought cheap shoes that don't fit and will lead to injury. You're already straining your achilles and it's only going to get worse if you keep wearing the shoes. You say you can't afford expensive shoes, but can you afford an injury? Even if you have insurance it probably won't cover all your medical costs and you'll also have to account for the possible loss of productivity. Getting injured is going to cost you a lot more than $35.

Save your money and buy a pair of sneakers that actually fit well.

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6/14/12 10:40 P

And an injury will cost you soooo much more than a pair of good shoes, on many levels. Stop wearing those shoes right away if they are hurting you.

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6/14/12 9:27 P

If you can afford $35 for shoes, you can afford more. :) It takes a little self control, but what I did was put $10 a week away into my shoe fund, until I had more cash for the good shoes I needed. They're the one piece of equipment a runner must have! about $100 will get you some good shoes. All the ones I was shown at the running store were $100 or less.

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6/14/12 8:14 P

Thanks so much for the advice and feedback and I know that for running I really should and would love to get a proper pair fitted at a running store, but the only reason that I bought the Easy Tones was because they were on sale for $35 and cost is a huge factor. I just simply don't have the money in our family budget for expensive shoes. Maybe one day..

DREAVG Posts: 3,215
6/14/12 7:49 P


I saw a podiatrist in the last year. He told me that since toning shoes have become so popular there have been may cases of foot issues. Please go to a running shoe store and get a good fitting and properly fitted shoes.


SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,008
6/14/12 6:54 P

My advice is to go to a specialty running/walking store to be properly fitted for the right shoes for you. I'd agree that the shoes you bought could be the reason for your achilles issues.

Coach Jen

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6/14/12 5:10 P

Those shoes are terrible for running... STOP! Running puts enough stress on your tendons without adding additional instability. Go get fitted for a proper pair of quality running shoes at a running specialty store. No two shoes are alike.

These shoes do NOT do what they say they will... there's zero evidence that they do anything at all to "tone" anything, and while some people find them comfortable for everyday where, they provide nothing that regular shoes don't, and add considerable risk, especially if you have suffered injuries in the past.

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6/14/12 3:13 P

Quick question. I recently bought a pair of Reebok Easy Tone running shoes. I have in the past had trouble with my achilles tendons and my left started to flare up shortly after I started wearing my new shoes. My Curves club owner suggested that it may be the new toning shoes causing unnecessary stress on my tendons. Apparently there have been some documented cases of stress injuries from using these kinds of shoes.

Anyone else have any info., experiences or opinions to share on this topic?

thx so much,

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