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1/23/12 9:17 P

I liked them diced up with green peppers, sweet potatoes & mushrooms...toss with a touch of EVOO & salad herbs & Montreal Steak spice...pour on parchment paper on cookie sheet & bake at 425 degree F for 30mins..YUM!!! :)

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1/23/12 1:13 P

Roast them and make a tomato & (peeled) roasted red pepper soup. High flavor, low calorie, naturally sweet...this is a wonderful soup and freezes very well. Roasted red bell peppers also store well with a covering of olive oil. They also make AMAZING salads.

Stuffed peppers. I like to par boil mine, fill with the selected toppings that are already cooked, and broil with a bit of cheese topping. The nice part is that everything can be cooked ahead, assembled and you're eating in 20 minutes top.

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1/23/12 5:22 A

thanks! :D

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1/21/12 7:50 A

Basically, this is a stuffed pepper recipe turned into a layered casserole. Since red peppers are sweeter than green, you might need something bitter to adjust it. If you are using white rice, it doesn't need to be precooked, just have enough moisture to cook properly in the oven.

There are also pureed red pepper soups.

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1/20/12 7:05 P

So the syupermarket had the most glorious, luscious, deliccious huge fresh red bell peppers on sale. I went a little bit crazy with them... and eeven after slicing and dicin a bunch of them to freeze and so frth, I am wondering: What can I cook with these? More than jsut tossing them into stir fries and sphagetti sauces and salads that is...

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