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I had a somewhat similar issue happen to me, I tore my bicep and also some nerve damage that sometimes created numbness in my fingers and pain in my elbow. A scaffolding walk board broke and I caught myself after falling about 10 feet. At that point I was still 30 feet off the ground.

The company safety manager praised me for thinking fast and catching myself and in turn saving the company a boatload of money. His words. I had to go to there hand picked med center for my urine test and then treatment. I was told I had a stained bicep and I could return to work with limited responsibilities. Needless, they insisted that I was making the injury worse than it was. I called a lawyer, the next day. My 30 minute consultation was free. After we talked she sent me to a different medical center to be evaluated. Where they determined my real injuries, the company fought it and in turn fired me for not returning to work as their doctor ordered. It took about 12 months for the doctor to release me for full work after being off for 4 months until I found a new job. Two surgeries later my bicep is okay, I can no way lift what I once could, but the finger and elbow numbness is a real problem for me.

I won the case against the company, I was paid back wages from the time of injury until I found a new job, they had to pay my legal fees and I also received a 25% disability which was $20,000.00.

At the end of the day, the 20,000.00 was not worth it. Fishing bothers me some days, I can't ride a motorcycle for very long, so I sold that, I can still hunt, field dressing sometimes can be a challenge but I get through it.

Good luck to you!

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As a first step I would look in your area for law referral programs where you can see a lawyer for a small fee (I did it years ago and 30 minute meeting was $20.00), and see if the case a merit. Of course your employer or training company will try to show you did something wrong that caused the injury to protect themselves from too high of a payout.

It would be nice if they could offer more health care and do more to repair your shoulder. Money is nice but the loss of being able to do activities you love is the real cost.

Good luck

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I had shoulder surgery just about a year ago. When I got the surgery done it was because my shoulder was very unstable and also my labrum was torn basically in half from 3 o clock to the 9 o clock position.Now almost a year later after endless nights of sleeplessness and daily pain I went to the final test for Workman's Comp. They declared my shoulder to be 69% disabled.I now stand to lose my job do to the fact that I am physically unable to continue it medically. I have worked in my field(health and human services) for around 5 years. Before that I did very physical type jobs like construction and feel now I don't know a good way to make a living due to my accident.I'm now thinking that the place that I work is responsible and that they failed to take steps to ensure my safety during the training class in which I was hurt.My life has completely changed and many of my loves for deep sea fishing, hunting and rock climbing have been shattered.What do you all think? I would like to hear it from you as I know I am not always thinking straight due to this incident.

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