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12/6/12 10:25 A

Yes I would like to know the answer to this question, I walk alot but I would love to run. But I don't have the right shoes. emoticon

WICCANCHICK73 Posts: 514
12/5/12 10:57 P

i love my reebok zigtechs

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12/5/12 10:13 P

Thanks everyone for your input! I think I'm going to go get fitted for a pair of shoes this weekend. :)

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12/5/12 12:02 P

Try this website called shoedog. I used it but still went to a running store to get fitted and they recommended Brooks or Asics. Seems that my running shoes are 1/2 size bigger. I have Brooks and I love them. I printed off the shoe dog list and then went and got fitted to see if it matched the list. I also thought it was important to try them on.


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12/3/12 1:48 P

The very first time I bought running shoes, I did research online and followed Runners Worlds recommendations by doing the wet foot on brown paper bag test and made a recording of my gait. I bought a pair of Asics and I absolutely loved them. At the time, I had no idea where to find a specialty store since I live in the mountains so I did the best I could with what I had. I ended up getting a super bargain. I purchased a new pair of last years model for $45 instead of $140 online and they fit perfectly. In fact, I wore them out lol and still use them for the gym and walking about.

This new pair I bought I purchased at a running store several hours from my home. It was awesome to have someone asses me...and be reassured that I made the right decision for my shoes. In fact, the store clerk said I did a great job and picked the right pair.

So many people will tell you to get fitted. For the most part, I agree. But there are times when it just isn't possible...I just wanted you to know that there are other options that you can do....even though it requires a lot more work on your part.

Right now I'm sporting a pair of Saucony. I love them....but I loved my Asics, too (and my Nikes and my New Balance lol).

Good luck!

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12/3/12 12:27 P

What works for me might not work for you. :)

Running shoes are a funny thing; they're the sort of thing that you actually can't get brand recommendations from. What works well for me may not work for you! The reason is because there are as many different kinds of feet as there are brands to put them in!

I'm wearing a pear of Mizuno Waves... but when I was fitted at the store, I tried about 10 different once, including New Balance, Asics, Nike, and more... they were all very nice shoes, but only the Mizunos really fit my feet.

By investing in a properly fitted pair, you'll do your feet a big favor. :)

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12/3/12 11:35 A

Definitely get fitted for the right shoes. I have yet to do this but I definitely will when I wear out my current pair.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
12/3/12 9:13 A

I have learned a lot about running shoes in 40 years of running. It is the most important piece of "equipment."

Every brand has a very good running shoe. They are designed for different feet, and running requirements. Someone that jogs 4-10 miles a week does not require the same shoe as someone who runs 25-40 miles per week. Some people pronate differently, and there are shoes designed for those who pronate outward and inward. Some people require more support than others in the heel, depending on how they walk.

Runners World usually publishes a chart and guide to running shoes each year. PapaMike posted this years in one of these posts or threads, to respond to the exact question you posed. Don't recall how he titled the post, but it is in the list of threads somewhere in "Fitness and Exercise" on SP community boards.

After knee surgery (unrelated to running ) 10 years ago, I went to a physicial therapist to help me recover. Soon after healing, I went back to get his advice on what kind of running shoe is best for me. I was given a very specific list of characteristics to look for in a shoe. It worked. I cannot recommend highly enough splurging for that professional advice from either the PT or a sports physician.

As a beginner runner, it may not be worth the money at this time.

But every brand of shoe has a mix of shoes for different feet, stance, and distance of runners.

The last information I had was that running shoes are good for 400 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first.

The physical therapist told me not to buy last year's shoes on sale. The rubber in them begins to deteroiate and you won't get as much wear out of them, nor the support your foot needs.

I have a wide foot, along with some feet problems as I age. I require a wide toe box. New Balance is the only one that makes this consistently in all of their shoes.

Try the shoes on. Do not order them through catalog or internet. Get the right pair the first time in the store. Wear them around the store for a minimum of 15 minutes to check the fit. Take your time and get ones that fit your arch, toes, and have your heel stay put in them.

Also, bring old running/tennis shoes to your Nike Outlet where they collect them and recycle the rubber for new shoes.

I hope this helps!

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12/3/12 8:15 A

Every brand has a descent shoe. Asics is good, so is New Balance. However, I am not sure if it is a good idea to shop online for running shoes, it always pays off if you try them before you buy, unless you are willing to mail back a couple of them. So what I would do is going to one of those stores where they look at how your run/walk and suggest you some shoes...

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
12/3/12 6:43 A

I love my Nike's

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12/2/12 7:31 P


Your best starting point would be to visit your local running specialty store to get fitted. The personnel can recommend a shoe based on your pronation and wear pattern of your other shoes. And check their return policy, but many stores offer an exchange if the shoe they recommend does not work for you.


Coach Nancy

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12/2/12 6:53 P

After I kick this cold I've been trying to fight off, I plan on starting running three days a week. I've done a little bit of running off and on over the past year, and I know that I'm going to need a better pair of running shoes. Anyone have any recommendations? I am partial to Asics and just purchased a new pair for crosstraining, but I would like another pair of shoes that are reserved just for running and I'm not sure if Asics are the way to go or if I should try a different brand.

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