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6/3/13 10:32 P

Thank you for the suggestion.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,474
6/3/13 10:33 A

When you are are looking through a list of recipes, you may want to try right clicking on the link and opening it in a new tab or browser. Doing that will allow your list to remain in your main browser/tab, so you won't lose your place.

Coach Denise

CAROLTEXAS SparkPoints: (208)
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6/2/13 9:28 A

Love this site. Would love to try a lot of the recipes. But, the recipe search is extremely cumbersome (when you want to save it to your recipe book). Search vegetarian, find a recipe, click on it, mark it not public, add it to your cookbook, then start all over and scroll through all the recipes you already looked at to try to get to the next one. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I just want to scroll through the vegetarian recipes and put a bunch of them in my cookbook and be able to click there and try then. Lots of them look really good, but it is just taking way too much time to get them identified as something I want to try.

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