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7/28/13 10:41 A

I use Evernote. It's amazing.
They have a "web clipper" application you can download on your desk top/browser. when you're on a website you see a recipe you like, click the web clipper and it saves the page into an off-line searchable document in separate folders (I use main ingredient as the folder name: chicken, beef, etc).
Evernote is accessible on all platforms... desktop, phone (Android and iPhone). So if you're in the kitchen and want to look at a recipe, you can just grab your phone.
It all syncs across the different devices. It's all cloud-based so it's not on your computer or your phone. I love it.
There's a free version and a premium version.
For the free version, that I use, there's a limit to how much you can upload and save during a 30-day period. I've never even been close to the limit.
You can also upload your own photos and documents. I use it for grocery lists and planning.
All sorts of stuff. I love it.

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7/27/13 2:34 P

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest!

It's a great place to organize a lot of different things.

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7/24/13 6:38 P

I copy and paste recipes I like into a word document. Then I download it onto a flash drive. My flash drive is organized into categories which I created. They have expanded over the months of collecting recipes. An example is "Crock Pot". It expanded into chicken, beef, pork categories. You can make it whatever you want.

The good thing about a flash drive is you can take it with you wherever you go. You will never lose those recipes if your computer crashes.

The bad thing is that you need a computer to plug into if you want to access your recipes. I've never found that to be a problem.

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7/21/13 1:07 P

I organize all my recipes on Pinterest. It links back to the online source, but keeps them "pinned" to your own board. It's searchable for any source material that anyone else has pinned (pretty much anything/everything you could ever need!), or you can create a new pin if you find a link anywhere else online. It's been very useful for me. Here's a link to my food board, if I'm not making any sense.

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7/21/13 2:53 A

Does anybody know of any good, preferably free, programs that can be downloaded to keep track of recipes? I see a lot of good ones here on Spark, or posted on Facebook, and I'd like to keep them all somewhere on my computer where I can search through them and organize them. I tried downloading something earlier that looked good, but it just ended up causing me a lot of problems and I had to get rid of it and spend a few hours getting my computer back in order.

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