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RKING10 Posts: 152
11/18/13 4:06 P

This just happened to me! My first week I lost 2.4 lbs, second week I gained 2.8. I believe it now! haha

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/18/13 2:43 P

Well the important thing to keep in mind here, is that The Biggest Loser is a TV show, created for entertainment, and not to represent "reality" other than in its description as being "reality" tv.

I think anyone that has ever tried to lose weight has encountered "fickle scales" and "water weight fluctuations." Why they would label it as a "Week 2" issue, I can't even imagine, other than it sounds kind of official.

All it is, is during the first week when they stop putting so much *in*, they clear out their digestive track (if you know what i mean), thus "losing" some immediate weight by eliminating that bulk without replacing it with an equal amount of new food going in. Then the water-weight. So, yes, Week 1 losses can be very dramatic, but are not reflective of the actual FAT loss that occurred. These guys that lose 10+ pounds might lose 2, 3 pounds of FAT, and 5+ pounds of everything-else. You only get to lose the "everything-else" just the one time. So in week 2, you'll see something more closely reflecting FAT loss (i.e. a couple pounds give or take). Nobody loses 10#/week in back-to-back weeks. That's a Week 1 anomaly, more than what happens subsequently being a Week 2 "curse."

Remind me that I never want to watch this show. As if we didn't have enough unrealistic expectations regarding weight loss as it is.....

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
11/18/13 1:52 P

Bunny- I've never dealt with it either. I was just curious.

Typically, week 2 on Biggest Loser is infamous for being the worst week on the ranch (other than "Makeover Week" where the contestants spend a lot of time being pampered and don't work out as much).

They drop a lot of weight in week one. A lot of them have given up soda and fried/processed foods cold turkey, so simply cutting out all the sodium results in a pretty good weight loss. Some of these 400 pound guys drop 20 pounds in a week. My best friend lost 11 pounds his first week on Weight Watchers and he weighed around 220 pounds at the time. I've lost 5-6 pounds in a week before. Those are numbers you see on Biggest Loser in week one.

In week 2, however, the contestants tend to see smaller numbers- even no weight loss or gains. It's really the body just adjusting after dropping so much weight in the previous week.

I don't think people really call it the "week 2 curse" outside of Biggest Loser, but when I tried searching "rebound weight" I got a lot of things about changing a workout program, etc. I definitely know fluctuations and stalls are normal, but I wanted to know if people have experienced it in week 2 of all weeks.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
11/18/13 1:30 P

Never heard of this - then again, I don't watch that show... but I've never heard of any generalized "week two curse" phenomena at all... if it were something that existed beyond the creative writing desk of a "reality" tv show, you'd think we'd hear more about it.....

I had losses for 25 consecutive weeks before seeing my first "gain week." Guess I'm not cursed. :)

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
11/18/13 11:41 A

I don't necessarily call it the "week 2 curse." That's just the nickname given to it by Biggest Loser, so I was curious to see if it happens to other people in the real world.

Now, I know that sodium can impact weight fluctuations. I also know that the overall trend being downward is most important, but I'm always used to making it through the first few weeks without the weight spiking up. I NEVER gain in week 2 if I'm staying on track.

I lost "only" half a pound this week. I know that's not terrible, but I also know that I only ate out once. If I ate out more, I'm sure I would have gained. Still, I know there are several changes I could have made. I didn't drink nearly enough water, so I'm working on that this week.

But losing a little under 6 pounds in 2 weeks without counting calories is great, so I need to focus on that.

AGILEDOBE Posts: 428
11/17/13 6:20 P

Depends on the salt content each day and whether I exercise

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,917
11/17/13 6:15 P

When I was losing weight, the scale didn't drop every week. Some weeks it would go down, sometimes it would stay the same and there would be weeks where a few pounds would creep back up. It's totally normal. I wouldn't call it a week 2 curse or anything like that. It's a normal part of weight loss. As long as the overall trend is downward, I think you're doing just fine!

FTSOLK Posts: 1,395
11/17/13 3:07 P

Just wondering if anyone here has dealt with what Biggest Loser calls the "Week 2 curse."

Basically, you go through the first week, and you drop a nice amount of weight simply though changing how you're eating... both through calorie reduction and eating healthier foods. Obviously, a lot of it is water weight.

Week 2, you're still on track. In fact, you're doing BETTER than before. You're eating more fruit and veggies, you're adjusting well to your plan.

But you GAIN weight.

Anyone deal with this?

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