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2/2/14 8:11 A

You are so correct. Sometimes we need that refocusing.

MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
2/1/14 6:53 P

Obviously, following your doctor is the best advice. sparkpeople does have a Diabetes Program, that may be helpful. Certainly losing 30lbs will improve your blood sugars, perhaps even cause you to not need meds if you stay on a healthy eating plan. emoticon

TJORDAN1969 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/1/14 5:27 P

Thank you Cookie. Wildcat I would love to make my page public. Can u help me to do that.

0309COOKIE Posts: 8,436
1/31/14 4:44 P

Welcome aboard Tangie!


WILDKAT781 SparkPoints: (183,705)
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1/31/14 4:31 P

Welcome to Spark People!

May I suggest making your spark page - and making it public - so that other members can interact with you and offer you more support.

Msg me if I can be of any help


FOCUSONME57 Posts: 6,909
1/31/14 3:09 P

Welcome to Spark People!

If you go to the articles & videos tab you will find a diabetes program which may prove very helpful to you.


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1/31/14 11:10 A

Good Morning,
My name is Tangie. I am up set that I am diabetic and I don't want to be. I want to lose at least 30 pounds that may help. I have changed my eating habits tremendously. I am stubbord when it comes taking the medications because I absolutely don't want to take it. I need STRONG support and it's had for me to get. I almost need someone to tell me what to do. Please help!!!

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