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5/9/13 7:17 P

I've lost 75pound already and I have another 85 to go and its not easy.

Here's a couple of tips that work for me.

You should switch up and intensify your workout routine. Change your exercises every so often and shock your body. Take up a sport or an outdoor activity. I just started kayaking and I love it.

I plan my meals a 1-2 days before and I stick to it. I weigh and measure everything that I put in my mouth. I rarely have pasta or anything processed and everything is low sodium and no sugar added.

I also do alot of reading.about health, weight loss, food and beauty. It makes me want to try new things.

Hopefully my methods are helpful.

Good Luck, I know you'll reach your goal! emoticon


MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/9/13 7:11 P

If the phone app is more of a burden than you can handle, tracking the food and quantity on paper for entry later is perfectly valid. You may not know how many calories you have left throughout the day, but you'll be able to account for all the ingredients in your sandwich (and not forgetting any!), that one square of chocolate, measurements of everything.

I managed to get overweight on mostly healthy foods, because it was all portion sizes that got me. So those "helpful tips" of "drink less soda!" or "don't eat fast food!" didn't help me, because I wasn't doing those things! It was a huge wakeup call when I learned what an ACTUAL serving size of meat, rice, pasta, fish looked like - in many cases I was doubling and even tripling a portion size thinking it was "one portion". Starting out, you really have to relearn everything, and that means weighing and measuring. Don't say you don't have time - it takes a few seconds and will save you so many calories.

YOU CAN DO THIS. It's a slow process, but that means we have time to slowly make changes and slowly add in good behaviors. You're making time to exercise and cook healthy foods - take the 5 extra minutes to record accurately and measure everything. If you eat a lot of the same foods, you can even save them to favorites and save time - but literally, tracking takes 5 minutes a day. You're already doing the hard stuff! But those little details are really important too.

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5/9/13 3:23 P

I tracked my food for quite a few months on SP and didn't lose weight. None.

I think part of my problem is getting busy and then tracking food from memory later. I tried tracking on my phone, but it was so slow it took me forever. How do you keep on top of tracking calories accurately? I'm sure that I would underestimate portions or forget things I ate because I was tracking from memory a lot.

I tried a non- tracking program for awhile where you eat super healthy but don't count calories and I'm not losing weight from that either.

I have about 80 pounds to lose.

Just not sure how I should be approaching this at this point.

I eat very healthy food. I eat organic most of the time. I work out 5 to 6 days per week. I have healthy habits in place. I don't drink any soda. I don't eat fast food. I rarely even eat out because restaurant food is just too full of crap for me to enjoy most of the time. I do eat sweet treats, but I limit them to normal portions.

But I know I'm still eating too much- obviously since I'm still very overweight. I think that my portions of healthy foods that are higher in calories are too large and the portions of lower calorie foods are not large enough. I just find it difficult to manage daily life and tracking my food.

Any advice, encouragement or ideas would be so appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance :)

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