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6/1/14 2:01 A

Any non starchy vegetable can be eaten in quantity without many calories. Fat is what gives the sensation of satiety or satisfaction - like you've eaten enough - so eat some avocado, a few nuts, deep water fish (fish oil) or olive or coconut oil to your diet up to 3 servings a day. so green beans with almonds is a suitable dish.

You also need to feel full so try puffed rice cakes, popcorn, or any puffed cereal. Some people want to see volume so rice crispies might look like more than say grape nuts. Beans and legumes have lots of fiber which will fill you up, and have lots of other benefits too.

You might also want to consider having a cup of barley at lunch to stabilize blood sugar. I do best with 4 meals per day - either breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack or just something like 300-400 calories at each feeding. having a protein whenever you eat a carb or at least having some fat too will also help keep your blood sugar on an even keel, and thus depress the appetite.

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5/31/14 9:07 P

Gazpacho soup is really easy to make, and really it's just veggies with some vinegar and a little seasoning. I think of it as a vegetable smoothie. :)

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5/31/14 1:54 P

Thank you for this!
I'd have never thought of it on my own. Win!

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5/30/14 3:25 P

Off topic...Dawn, are you a Deadhead like me? Or just Grateful emoticon

5/30/14 3:18 P

All great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

I like mixing a little protein with a vegetable to help keep me full, like pb in celery, hummus and baby carrots.

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4/2/14 9:40 A

Go for protein

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4/2/14 8:15 A

Protein keeps you full. That's the key.

A favorite easy meal of mine is: Contained of greek yogurt mixed in with about 3tbsp peanut butter and a little bit of honey.

It keeps me full for hours! I strongly recommend the FAGE brand of greek yogurt because it has about 25grams of protein. That combined with 3tbsp of peanut butter = 35 grams of protein.

It's about 430 calories but it keeps you soooo full for soooo long.


Just remember to eat lots of protein!

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4/2/14 4:19 A

In case this thread is still open!

When I can only have a small snack that needs to last me a long time, I will always make sure it has a lot of protein and drink 2 cups of water. Protein makes you feel full longer and water will fill you up. If you combine this with a little bread or rice - those things tend to fill you even faster, especially when combined with water like I said.

Examples: 1/2 Peanut butter sandwich (I use PB2 for my peanut butter), 1 serving of almonds, Quest protein bars, cottage cheese with crackers

Banana Nut Muffin Quest Bar:

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1/21/14 9:54 P

I love a few almonds and a 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese if I am really hungry between meals. Seems I get too hungry if I am skimpy with protein or eat very low fat.

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1/21/14 8:42 P

Sorry Spark friends, that's non-fat, plain Greek yogurt (no sugar or fruit added) blended with Crystal Light powder to taste. Terrific taste, high in protein and about 140 calories per cup.

SOUPBOWL1 Posts: 67
1/21/14 8:38 P

Blend non-fat yogurt with Crystal Light powder to taste. With great protein and no added sugar, this is a sweet and delicious treat even a diabetic can eat!

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9/7/13 3:34 P

I also have a condition which keeps me mostly wheelchair-bound. I'm not able to "exercise." Exercise for me consists of transferring from my powerchair to my sleeper-recliner, or in/out of my car with a walker. A very slow process.

Even so, I've lost the amount of weight I have with virtually no exercise. I've accomplished this on the prescription of our endocrinologist's restricted-carb and primal diet.

One premise of that lifestyle is that you must eat more fat to compensate for lost calories when you reduce carbs. It's not difficult to kill hunger when you eat enough fat, because fat is satiating. The good fats, at least. Animal fats. If you're utilizing all the low fat/reduced fat/no fat products, you're going to simply be hungry. Bulky foods won't help; they fill you temporarily, but you'll be hungry again as soon as your body processes them. And sugary foods (fruit, etc) are similarly unhelpful. As soon as the insulin spike comes down, you're craving again.

Research the lifestyle, and see if it might work in your case. There's a lot of misinformation out there, but it's a healthy dietary choice. I hope you're getting some good nutritional counseling from your healthcare team, too. They should be able to help you. Make sure you discuss any dietary changes with them before you just jump on something!

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9/6/13 11:48 A

My suggestions; Bean sprouts makes for a great low calorie pasta substitute. Eat them slightly cooked served with a spicy basil and tomato sauce. Add garlic and chilies to the sauce if you enjoy them, the strong flavors can make you feel like you are eating a full meal. Use canned beansprouts for added sodium, or flavor the tomatoes with some soy sauce.

Instant Miso soup is also very low cal. I eat mine with some fresh scallions on top and add cubed tofu.

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9/6/13 10:51 A

I find that dairy makes me feel full. Cheese, yogurt, milk. Maybe I'm allergic and it bloats me. Don't know, but it works for me too.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
9/6/13 10:08 A

I'm in the same situation as you in that my doctor wants me having 4-8g of salt per day.

I always ate low sodium (I just never liked the taste of salt), and have found that eating something salty sets off MAJOR hunger! I can eat a full meal with salt, and be standing at the fridge 2 minutes later literally drooling for more food.

What I've found is that I'm best to concentrate my salty snacks (dill pickles or air-popped popcorn with butter and extra salt), and to finish them off with a little bit of strong cheese (1/2 oz of aged white cheddar, or gruyere, or havarti). I don't know what it is about the cheese, but it seems to tell my body that it's not really hungry and that food is no longer required. Since I now have to salt my meals, I make sure that my last few bites are of unsalted meat, and that seems to work fairly well, too, for stopping that insatiable appetite.

I realize that there is no actual logic to this, but you might want to try the cheese or a couple of different things (maybe just some sliced meat, or some almonds) to see if a small amount of fat or protein will "turn off" the appetite for you, as it does for me.

Strong thoughts to you!

9/6/13 9:56 A

I love my greek yogurt spinach, banana and berry breakfast smoothies. Takes me a full 4 hours. Calories around 250 depending on the berries I use. I add chia or flax for omegas.

Last night I made this as a cold soup for dinner with guests.

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9/6/13 9:07 A

Definitely veggies are the easiest way to fill your tummy with low calories. I've noticed, though, that I don't ever feel full until I have enough protein and fiber - you might want to make sure you're getting enough of those! Great protein sources with fewer calories are hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, and greek yogurt. They're my go-to snacks!

Good luck!

9/6/13 9:01 A

For me, a big bowl of salad greens and vegetables topped with a few ounces of lean, high-protein foods (like chicken breast or tuna) is the way to go, topped with low-calorie (not fat free) salad dressing. You need a little fat and protein to provide satiety and make it healthy, but the quantity of vegetables fills you up and gives you sustained energy for hours. A big glass of water alongside is essential.

I also enjoy experimenting with soups. You can get a lot of flavor out of various combinations of vegetables, and I always include some kind of protein to make it a more complete meal. There again, the combination of vegetables, liquids and protein seems to be the ideal combination for me to provide a filling meal that keeps me going for hours.

9/6/13 8:43 A

Vegetàbles, vegetables, vegetables. For lunch yesterday I ate a whole raw bell pepper, 15 raw baby carrots, a whole raw cucumber, and 2 whole celery stalks all with 2 tbsp of dip. It was under 300 calories and filled two plates full. If raw veggies aren't your thing, try roasted vegetables or soup purees.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
9/6/13 8:36 A

Here are a few ideas....

Asparagus is a good source for Vitamins A, C, K, Folic Acid. Just 25 calories for 8 spears or buy the canned variety and you will up your sodium intake too....I eat the whole can like soup.

Acorn Squash...has potassium, omega 3's, vitamins A & C, and B's filling ...tastes like a sweet potato to me...a little higher in calories but then it's all I want at times....

Broccoli has fiber and vitamin C, broccoli is even more beneficial than eating an orange
Cauliflower High in Vitamin C and fiber. Cauliflower contains no fat
Romaine Better than iceberg as it contains Vitamins A, c, K, and various minerals.
String Beans have an insulin producing quality and at about 40 calories per cup
Garlic contains phytochemicals that boost immunity

Jennie O 99% Fat Free Ground Turkey @ 120 calories for 4 ounces...mix some with Kitchen Bouquet, a tablespoon of Olive Oil, some chopped onion and green pepper....stir fry....
I add this mixture to tacos with shredded lettuce but you can skip the tacos to save 110 calories for 2.

1/2 cup Cottage Cheese and a handful of Matchstick carrots, flaxseeds around 75 calories Approx.

12 Large cooked Shrimp only 90 calories Approx.
1 small apple 52 calories, 1 medium apple 75 calories Approx.

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9/6/13 8:17 A

Vegetable soup
spaghetti squash

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9/6/13 7:03 A

Portabella mushrooms (100g = 26 cals)
Egg white (1 egg white = 17 cals)- use egg whites to make a veggie omelette
Popcorn (1 cup = 30 cals)
And of course your berries (other fruit) and vegetables.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,333
9/6/13 6:14 A

zucchini, celery, squash, kale, spinach, any other dark leafy green, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onions, eggplant, and air popped popcorn.

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9/6/13 5:45 A

I have an illness which affects my whole autonomic nervous system, which means my health is a huge struggle on a daily basis. One of the things I struggle with is being very hungry sometimes, I'm also unable to exercise and often have to be pushed in a wheel chair. I've started gaining weight since getting sick this year and really need to not put on too much or it will make my illness harder to manage. Does anyone have suggestions of food I can eat copious amounts of without gaining weight? I'm also supposed to have around 5-10 grams of salt a day! so no worries on salty suggestions (in fact I rarely ever want anything sweet). I eat carrots, canned mushrooms and berries and sometimes cabbage as stomach fillers at the moment- any other ideas?

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