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8/14/12 8:38 P

what happens in 15 weeks?

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8/14/12 8:28 P

I'm over 300 lbs (started at 374). And I noticed that the bigger someone is, the more they'll initially drop the first couple of weeks of a diet.

A month ago I got diagnosed with just about everything under the sun (diabetes, high cholesterol, triglicerides, blood pressure, on the virge of kidney/liver damage, etc.) and I was put on meds, a strict diet, and exercise program... I followed it faithfully and BOOM-- I lost 35 lbs in about 4 weeks.

Then I slowed to 2 lbs per week... now I am the same this week, even though I'm still doing the same things I did last month.

So realistically you may drop a good load in the begining but don't expect it to be that way every week. Everyone's body is different, so it may be 2 lbs per month or 2 lbs per week; you may havve your plateaus and pauses in weight loss, it's just your body re-adjusting but it starts up again.

Here's the thing-- if you start now, no matter how much comes off, whether it's 10 lbs of 50 lbs, you'll way less in 15 weeks. So it's worth it.

But you really need to start looking at it as a lifestyle change than a temporary fix. I just wrote a couple of blog posts too about how rushing it and being impatient screwed me up so many times in the past, so be careful with that "deadline" way of thinking!

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8/14/12 2:44 P

Estimations are impossible.

At 300lbs it's entirely plausible and safe for you to lose even more than 2lbs a week. So on average, over 15 weeks, you could expect to lose 30-40 pounds or so.

However, it's entirely normal for some people, especially obese ones, to drop a lot of weight very quickly in the first few weeks and then level out. So you could lose as much as 50.

It's also entirely normal for some people to lose absolutely nothing for up to 8 weeks while their body adjusts to the new routine, so you could lose as little as 15 pounds.

Basically, 30(ish) is pretty realistic, but it's very plausible that you can lose a lot more, or a lot less.

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8/14/12 1:16 P

2# per week is realistic when you're significantly overweight, so 30# loss would be likely within the timeframe. However, our bodies all have different time tables, and you could lose less, or more, or you might lose 5# one week, and nothing the next week. It's just the way things go, but the most important thing for the first few months is to build consistency and good habits.

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8/14/12 1:06 P

You'll learn weight control is life long process. Not something you can finish in per-determined period.

8/14/12 1:02 P

I am new here and need to ask a question, I am 300 lbs, I am wondering what kind of weight loss i could have in 15 weeks? Any help would be appreciated

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