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EXERTIGER Posts: 971
3/25/12 11:44 A

Plus, we need to take care of ourselves so our kids will be proud of their attractive moms when we show up at their school. And so we can play with them. And so they will see us make good choices so they will also know how to make good choices. And so we'll be nicer people and more pleasant to be around.

MBV464 Posts: 29
3/24/12 11:02 P

most of us are up and down in mood, activity and yes, weight...and we seem to beat ourselves up pretty well, too. I keep thinking of the verse in the Bible I know what I should do but do what I know I should not...of course that is a paraphrase but it describes me perfectly in this endeavor and others....My goal for tomorrow is to take good care of me...make choices that benefit what I want to/need to do for myself. Just typing those phrases makes me think Selfish Selfish Selfish!!! But not! If I don't take care of me no one else will either. Why do I, and we, seem to forget taking good care of ourselves is our primary job...if we don't take good care of ourselves we will not be aable to take care of others....does that make sense?

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