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5/13/14 7:29 P

It would be a really good idea to use the nutrition tracker and make sure you are getting in the basics. I do think if I hit all the recommended suggestions, then I'm on the right track.

For me a really important part of the label is the serving size. I don't know how many times I have been at a meeting with snacks and found a small bag of granola and looked at the calories and thought - Good choice! and then looked more carefully and learned that it was 2 servings and a 350 calorie treat.

The next big factor for me is the ingredients. If there is a huge paragraph, I'm not interested. if i make corn with butter at home, I use corn and butter. The corn is simply corn and the butter is cream and salt. If I were to buy it premade, check out the ingredients:

I also look at sodium and purchase unsalted or low salt.

I find looking at those few things helps me determine if something is worth buying.

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5/13/14 6:56 P

I really have been starting to look at labels & not getting things that are two high in sugar&trying to not have more than 26 grams of sugar a day, some days I do really good one day I had only 6 grams of sugar the whole day & one day 11 grams

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11/11/13 7:42 A

there isn't a single rule for this. because, well, if something has 15 g of fat per serving, what it is dictates how good it is for you. for example, nuts are supposed to have a lot of fat and a serving of those with 15g fat is what they're supposed to be. but if you're talking potatoes, those don't have very much fat normally so 15 g in a serving means there is a lot of added fat in there that you probably don't need.
one of the best things that you can do is to mouse over the articles and videos tab and click on nutrition. there are a ton of articles about various nutrients that you can educate yourself with. keep in mind that this is a complex topic and you're not going to make it through all the info in an hour or two or even a week or two. so don't beat yourself up if it takes some time to learn about what you need to know.

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11/11/13 3:50 A

This article may answer your questions:

Happy reading :-)

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11/11/13 12:38 A

What is your current plan and knowledge level? What are your goals? What do you like?

11/10/13 11:36 P

I need some help trying to figure out food labels. What's the good stuff? What's the bad stuff? If something is at a high number, does that mean it's unhealthy? What number is usually the cut off for being healthy, where it turns to being unhealthy? Sorry if my question doesn't make sense, ahha i'm new.

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