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9/25/12 12:57 A

Good job on staying strong this evening :-)


9/24/12 10:41 P

I did try to keep myself busy this evening. Rather than hanging around in the house I spent some time in the garden. I ended up with lots of broccoli to put in the freezer and that kept me busy even longer. I did eat some of the broccoli and held the damage to a handful of chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Feeling a little better because I didn't come home and just pig out.

Thank you so much for your tips and support.

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9/24/12 7:02 P

Yes, but I've tried going for a walk and going back to the things that I enjoy but I still go for the comfort foods.

For example, I kind of "crashed" on my diet this weekend, no big deal, today is Monday. But I kept going to the fridge and cupboards, even though I wasn't hungry, and I didn't receive bad news, I was just kind of in one of those moods, and it continued to get worse with the more I ate. I did stuff around the house and outside but I continued to find myself going back for more, I am so upset.

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9/24/12 5:33 P

I hear ya!!

Rough news can seem like a reason to go for the comfort food..

But, maybe you can write down a dinner menu before you go home? That way there is no question what you are going to have.. and when that urge comes on you, take a walk?

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9/24/12 5:32 P


So sorry you received some rough news, but remember food is never a solution for us having to face our emotions. However, a nice walk can do wonders to lift our mood and clear our head as exercise is known to release those feel good endorphins that allow us to say no to those tempting foods. Also keeping a journal may be an option. Doing so may help you develop coping skills should you face similar trials in the future.

Take care and I hope you have brighter days ahead!

Coach Nancy

9/24/12 5:18 P

I've been kind of down lately, today got some rough news and now all I can do is think of mashed potatoes and mac"n"cheese and all that good, home-cooked comfort food!! I've had the potatoes/gravy for lunch, a chocolate chip muffin for break. I'm on another short break at work right now, still have some time to go here, not looking forward to going home and facing the kitchen cupboards. HELP!! emoticon

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