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12/14/11 3:12 P

Hmmmm. Sound too familiar. I hit my original goal and was very pleased with myself and my body but wanted to see how I would look if I lost another 8-10 lbs, so kept watching and tracking my calories. This went on for 8 mos. I never lost another pound but I was effectively maintaining. Then I got mad. I was tired of "working so hard" for no results and stopped tracking and obviously eating more of the wrong kinds of foods more often than 20% of the time. I had been hoping that i could live within the 80/20 rule and keeping a general watchful eye on things. I can't believe how quickly the weight gain happenned after that.

Now, I am 10 lbs over my original goal weight and effectively 20 lbs more than I would ideally like to be and I am really struggling to get that scale in the downward motion. I feel as though I continually teeter here at this weight while I struggle just to keep from more coming back on!!

Wish I had the answer for you other than complete vigilance at all times is a must for those of us with eating issues.

12/14/11 11:31 A

Be super careful!! For those of us where weight/food consumption has been an issue it will ALWAYS be an issue! I reached my goal wieght 2 years ago and couldn't have been happier .. after completely cutting myself off from friends/dating/ etc etc so that i wouldnt eat things that i couldn't count .. i couldnt wait to get out and start eating like a "normal" person again! For a while this was fine! I actually still even lost a bit more weight and stayed pretty steady for a while .. then all of a sudden (and it really hits you out of no where) I hoped on the scale and had gained 40 pounds!! That's still down almost 60 from where i started but I'm really struggling to get this weight off again.. and I'm eating the same if not better than I had before! Even seeing a personal trainer! It just isn't budging .. So splurge and enjoy yourself now and then! Afterall you only live once! But you do have to "live this way" the rest of your life it cant just be until the pounds come off :( You really do not want to find yourself in my shoes having gained back after all that hard work

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12/14/11 10:54 A

I tracked my food very carefully to lose weight. I still track my food but I am allowing myself to eat things I don't know the exact calorie count for. so there definitely some estimating because unfortunately, alot of foods don't come with nutrition labels. when i was losing weight, i pretty much didn't allow myself to eat anything i didn't know exactly how many calories were in it but i never intended to live that way the rest of my life. so i am still tracking my food but there is probably a bigger margin for error than before, but i still feel i'm pretty close. my problem is even with tracking the food, i'm allowing myself to eat more calories than i had planned for that day, and i'm doing this several days a week, sometimes 6 out of 7 days in a week i'm eating the same or more than what i burn that day (i track both intake and burned calories). i keep subconsciously telling myself that its ok because i don't need to lose anymore weight. how do you get out of that mindset? is there anyone that has actually reached their goal weight that can speak to this? because when i was losing, i also thought i would just continue with my food plan when i reached maintenence but its proving to be much harder than i expected. i keep thinking, i'm at the weight i want, i should be able to eat what i want instead of restricting and feeling deprived. and yes, i know its ok to have a treat every now and then but i'm allowing it too often and i'm having trouble staying on track.

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12/13/11 5:50 P

You have got to be kidding!
It appears that you are new to SP so I don't know if you tracked your food to lose.
Start tracking your food before you eat it and study the nutritional report to see how you can make better choices.
You have to exercise - at least briskly walk every day - to get out what you eat. Remember, calories in calories out.
Don't do the yo-yo again.

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12/13/11 5:47 P

I am nowhere near maintenance stage, however are you tracking your food still? My plan is to continue with the food and exercise tracking once I get there.

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12/13/11 4:12 P

I'm not even near maintenence yet, so maybe take my advice with a grain of salt. I'm nervous to get to that point because I feel like if I allow myself to eat more calories, I'll just gain weight.

My plan, and maybe you can try this, is that once I get there I will gradually increase the calories that I allow myself until I feel I'm at a comfortable range. I don't want to go back to eating crap all the time, so you have to stick with healthy meals even though you have reached your weight loss goal.

I hope that helps a little bit and that someone who is at the point of maintenence will chime in here.

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12/13/11 4:08 P

I reached my goal weight about 2 mos ago but I am having serious problems with maintenence. I've gained back 5lbs in the last 3weeks. I've had this problem in the past, I reach my goal weight and then i start giving myself too many "passes" or "cheats" or making excuses to be able to eat the food i want, and then I gain weight back. i was told i should seek feedback from others that may have gone through this. how do you stay on track in the maintenence phase?

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