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11/21/09 7:57 P

From your tracker, it looks like you are just getting started. If that's the case, here's what I found when I started. The first few days I was reaaaally hungry in the evening and I would have to do something like have a can of Campbell's "Soup at Hand" or something. Some of those are only about 70 cals and pretty filling.

After just a few days, though, I realized that the new, higher-quality diet was much more satisfying. Someone mentioned nutrient density earlier, and I truly, truly believe that's the key. I found that after that initial adjustment period, I'm MUCH more satisfied with less food, as long as it's healthy nutrient-dense food, regardless of calories. Sometimes it's actually hard for me to get in ENOUGH calories because I'm just less hungry when my body is getting the nutrients it needs.

If you will cut out simple carbs like white bread products, white pasta and rice, etc., and replace those (in moderation) with whole-grain versions, and eat plenty of high-quality, non-starchy vegetables and fruits along with whatever lean protein you're eating I bet you'll find that hunger will be much less of a problem.

Good luck!

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11/21/09 7:31 P

Might try adding some leafy greens. If not lunch and dinner, at least dinner. 2 cups of fresh baby spinach is like 20 calories and will help fill the void.

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11/21/09 7:23 P

I hope you don't mind - I took a look at your fitness tracker, and it looks to me like you're eating too much high-calorie bread. I am a huge fan of carbs myself, so I know it's hard, but I found that, for me, bread just doesn't keep me full. Try eating salads or veggies or even a high fiber cereal like Fiber One instead of some of those bread portions, and you should find it easier to stay in your range without being hungry. And if you have to have bread, check the nutritional stats BEFORE you buy it - there are some great breads out there (I particularly like the Country Kitchen Light breads, but Weight Watchers is good too!) that are only 35-40 calories per slice, so you'll be saving about 80 calories a slice from what you're eating now.

Also, if you're really hungry tonight, have a low cal snack - raw veggies or yogurt or something - before you go to bed. 50 or 100 extra calories one day won't ruin your diet, and it's better than waking up starving in the morning and potentially making bad food choices as a result.

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11/21/09 5:22 P

I would definitely suggest looking at what you're eating. If you're hitting your max calorie range and you're still hungry chances are you're not getting enough nutrient dense foods.

Try eating a large salad before lunch and dinner so that you're getting a lot of nutrients and not a lot of calories. Then eat whatever you want for lunch or dinner. You'll probably be hungry for a smaller portion size which will also help reduce calories without leaving you feeling hungry.

Getting enough water is also really important. If you're not getting your 8 glasses and/or eating a lot of water dense foods (like raw fruits and veggies) then your hunger could actually be a sign that you are dehydrated. Try drinking a glass of water when you're hungry instead of eating something. Wait 30 minutes and if you're still hungry eat a light snack or a meal.

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11/21/09 3:05 P

How many calories are you eating? If you're not eating enough, you *should* be hungry.

Are you spreading your calories out throughout the day? Are you eating multiple meals? (I eat 5.) Are you eating every 2.5-3 hours? Are you getting protein, fat, and carbs with every meal?

If I get hungry, I eat... but I track it in my tracker, and the reality is, I generally eat toward the end of my calorie range, so it doesn't really matter.

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11/21/09 12:19 A

What time of day is it for you?

If it's 9pm or something, don't worry about it. Have a very light snack if you really want, otherwise just head off to bed as normal.

If it's 2pm, you cannot skip your evening meal even if you have already eaten your max. Skipping meals is counter-productive to your goals.

When you go over, just try to look at why you went over, and plan for the days coming in advance so that you avoid that situation. Eg if you find that you have too heavy a lunch, aim for a smaller lunch tomorrow. If you always pig out at afternoon tea time, try to do something else at that time to distract yourself.

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11/20/09 11:58 P

Hey guys what do you do when you reach your calorie intake limit? Do you even have a limit? Do you drink water? What about tea? Or should I even be hungry? Do I need to increase my calorie intake? Is it okay/good to suffer with a bit of uncomfortable hunger pangs?

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