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Hi Lucy - I have had Raynaud's for over 14 years now. I developed inflammatory arthritis at the same time, so it was a double whammy. You said you hurt for days after exercise or housework, what do you mean by hurt? Are your muscles or joints sore? Are your hands, feet, knees, ankles, or wrists swollen? Is the exercise or housework something you weren't used to doing? What hurts and what does the pain feel like?

The pain you're experiencing sounds like something else is going on. What kind of doctor diagnosed you, and what have they told you about it? Did they test for any other autoimmune diseases? How long have you noticed the symptoms before your were diagnosed? For me, I had the symptoms of Raynaud's (without knowing what it was) for a couple months before the arthritis hit me. They often appear together like this. When I first came down with Raynaud's I was very sensitive to everything. Even the sound of an air conditioner starting up would send my hands into spasms (turning cold and hurting), even if I was perfectly warm and couldn't feel the cold air yet! Going into a shopping mall or grocery store was torture with their constant air conditioning. I think our body's reactions diminish some as time goes on, and we realize the world won't end if we get cold. I have lots of tips to help you deal with living with Raynaud's, but I also think you need to find out what else is going on. Raynaud's has never made me hurt all over, or been affected by exercise or other exertion. The arthritis on the other hand....

I'm here for you! You can reply to me here, or send me a private message if you prefer not to put it in the forum. I have lot's of advise to give, but tell me more about what you're experiencing so I know what you need.


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Anyone have this... please tell me more, i'm very confused and in so much pain all over not just my hands and feet! When i exercise or do any housework at all i have pain for days, please let me know how this effects you or someone you know!
Hugs.... lucy

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