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8/26/12 1:41 A


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8/25/12 11:58 P

Raw nuts taste best, in my opinion, and are more nutritious than roasted. Always keep raw nuts in the fridge during the summer or in warm climates, to prevent them going rancid. Once nuts have gone bad, the fat in them is no longer healthy or beneficial.

Do you have a local co- op or health food store? Look for raw or sprouted nuts there. Some places carry them in bulk, so you only pay for as many as you want to buy.

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8/25/12 8:28 P

A while ago I was in our local Whole Foods looking for raw almonds. The clerk there told me that ALL almonds are cooked/processed somehow, steaming maybe?, and are not truly raw. Something about e coli in almonds from California so precautions were being taken.
It's been several months ago so I might not remember everything just right, but I do know she told me I couldn't get raw almonds.

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8/25/12 4:52 P

Thank you.
Regardind the tooth prob question...
Raw almonds in particular arequite hard. Tooth breakage seems a valid worry in mid 40s. Roasting takes that edge off and makes them not so rock hard.
Thanks again.

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8/25/12 8:38 A

Next time you're at the store, compare the nutrition labels for raw and roasted nuts. Roasted are a little higher in fat and calories (almonds I looked at were like 1g more fat and 10 more calories for the roasted), so I decided it wasn't really a consequential difference. I like the taste of roasted much more than raw.

Don't know about the oxidation issue, though--I'd never heard of that before.

Just curious, why are you worried about tooth problems from raw nuts?

8/24/12 11:08 P

roasted nuts are often coated with oil before roasting. that would affect their nutritional profile.

I buy raw nuts/seeds and soak them, sprout them, and dehydrate them. That does change their nutritional profile (for the better) as well as adds a crispness to their texture that very much reminds me of that of roasted nuts.

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8/24/12 9:29 P

Yes. The oil gets oxidised when roasted. You won't get all the benefits that they are to offer. Raw nuts are the best. Actually, even when raw, if without shell, the oil inside the nut again goes rancid with time. The best of the best is nut in its shell. You break the shell, eat the nut. Second best is unshelled raw nut.

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8/24/12 8:56 P

I love almonds and appreciate their nutritional value but I fear tooth problems if eating them raw. I actually prefer most nuts lightly toasted with no additions. Is there a difference in nutritional value or benefit compared to raw? THX!!

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