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10/5/13 10:12 P

so inspiring, thank you for telling us about your health success. I admire the raw food-ees that I know. It seems like a lot of work, but not out of the range of possibilities.

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10/5/13 2:22 A

Our health is nothing to play with and because of others that have gone on before me, I know the seriousness of eating healthy and having a good fitness plan! It's amazing what being healthy and eating right can do for your overall life and ailments! Thanx for your testimony and that it will alert others. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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10/5/13 2:07 A

Good for you for taking this seriously! A myocardial ischemic attack (heart attack) and CHF are nothing to laugh at. Too many people think that they can get away with continuing the poor diets that led them to the heart attack by taking medications. The meds help you survive, but its not a life I would chose to lead.

The 14 pounds is, as you said, mostly water weight. But it's what was clogging up your lungs and making it hard to breathe. Your also dropping all of your blood fat levels, your blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation levels.

I have seen cases where people make good changes and have been able to reverse some if not all of the heart damage. I've seen people improve their heart pumping ability from 15% to a normal 40 to 60%! That's a huge improvement.

Keep up the good work and update us on how you are doing. I hope to keep hearing good reports from you!

10/4/13 11:00 P

I found a raw vegan club thru The recipes are delicious. I think I could really get into eating this way.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/15/13 8:57 A

I do a raw vegan diet. Like you, I have more energy etc. I went on by choice. There is a pretty good raw foodies team on SP, you may want to look into that.
As far as cooked peas? No reason you can't have them. To stay considered raw-- do not heat them over 115 degrees. Sometimes I will warm up my raw soups or leave them on the counter to get to room temp.
Glad that it is working out for you.

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4/15/13 7:11 A

Congrats to you for taking your doctor's advice whereas so many people just take in the knowledge and don't really keep up the change in lifestyle

Good luck and keep at it as it is your life you are fighting for!

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
4/15/13 4:51 A

There are some channels on Youtube with folks that make really delicious raw vegan recipes -- look for FullyRawKristina -- she's got some great recipes that are easy to follow.

Although I don't eat a raw vegan diet (personally I eat a "Mediterranean diet"), I love to incorporate aspects of vegan, raw vegan, and low fat raw vegan into my diet as they are so healthy and delicious and fresh. I just don't take it as gospel that it's the only way to live a healthy life.

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4/15/13 12:59 A

I went to my cardiologist after waking up to severe crushing chest pains. I was more than 100 lbs overweight and I had been packing that 100 lbs for the past three years. Upon arriving he did a battery of test and it showed that I have Congestive Heart Failure. He stated I had a Myocardial Ischeamic Attack and he immediately placed me on meds for angina, and high blood pressure. Then he lowered the boom, I am placing you on a raw vegan diet and I will see you back in one week. He stated the raw vegan diet would detox my body and help relieve all of the ailments that were diet related. He gave me a pamplet and sent me off to the nutritionist for guidance and instructions. I completed the week and was told that I had lost 10 lbs in 8 days (mostly water weight). I was then told to stay on this raw vegan diet for another three weeks. I wanted to eat some cooked peas or navy bean soup but will have to wait for that. I have now been on this diet for 10 days and have lost 14.4 lbs. My energy level is up, I am still short of breathe but I feel myself getting stronger. Although I will never be able to go back to the lifestyle that I once had, I have been pushed into the raw vegan diet like someone that was pushed into a pool. I had to either sink or swim. I am swimming now and must continue if I want to gain my vitality back. Because lets face it life without it is not living at all. I will give up all the fast foods and sweets to have my health and living a full and active life. However I never thought that I would be eating this way, thanks to my nutribullet life is a lot easier.
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