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XANADUREALM Posts: 7,431
5/15/11 8:49 A

Silvette, what are British Biscuits or Wine Biscuits? They kind of look like crackers in the picture. What would we have in the US to substitute?

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5/7/11 12:25 A

eating raw eggs is a big no-no as some eggs maybe contaminated by salmonella. It would be to cook it first before eating it. Also, a good alternative to raw eggs are organic eggs that can be bought at organic stores.

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5/6/11 10:00 P

Who the hell ruins a damn good Choclate Biscuit Cake by putting eggs in the damn thing! It's sin on a plate for a reason. They can't do that! violation to tasty fatty treat law! Foul - flag on the field!

Find a *real* recipe that doesn't have eggs - :D Problem solved and that is the way it's suppose to be made: eggless!!!!

Here's a good one!:

GAMECOX Posts: 172
5/5/11 12:32 P

Raw eggs (from a reputable source) and salmonella are about the same odds of laying in the bed waiting for a jetliner to fall from the sky and crush you.

It could happen. It's happened before, it'll happen again.

Or you could just continue living.

-RUBIES- Posts: 6,232
5/5/11 11:35 A

absolutely not

MADE2CRAVE Posts: 48
5/4/11 6:17 A


POUKAH Posts: 60
5/2/11 12:22 P

I often add a raw organic egg to a smoothie. Why organic? The chickens are raised in better, healthier conditions (some free time out of the roost, supposedly -- depends on the egg producer, local being the best) and are fed organic feed, and certainly not animal products (unnatural for chickens) or antibiotics that persist in the egg that reaches the store. No problem yet with an occasional raw egg

UNDAALBA Posts: 60
4/30/11 11:27 P

If you try the recipe, buy the freshest pasteurized eggs you can get to try to prevent salmonella.

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4/29/11 10:04 P

no way

GTKARLA Posts: 232
4/28/11 8:26 P

There`s a small risk so it`s not recomended for children, elderly, pregnant, or sick. You can use pasturised eggs if you`re really bothered but I`ve eatern chicken sushi (raw) and raw eggs many times and survived.

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,524
4/28/11 5:18 P

If you are healthy, and not pregnant and buy eggs from a reputable source, its just fine.

4/28/11 5:13 P

In some supermarkets you can buy pasteurized eggs. Being autoimmune, I'd use those and proceed as directed.

In a food safety class I took in the 80's they cited the salmonella risk as 1 out of every 10,000 eggs. It's probably now up considerably from that, but probably not the panic levels some the media would lead us to believe. I also think companies & restaurants are extra cautious now due to fear of lawsuits, and because there have been egg recalls in the recent past.

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4/28/11 4:58 P

I don't think I would do it, too much of a risk of salmonella.

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4/28/11 9:58 A

Sooo, after watching GMA this morning I want to make the Chocolate Biscuit Cake. But when I looked at the recipe, there is no baking to this cake. It calls for 2 eggs and is refrigerated overnight.

Now I've always thought it's not safe to eat raw eggs (and the USDA's web site confirms that), but I know a lot of people do eat them.

What are your thoughts??

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