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There are many things that this could be - some innocent, ............and some not. I suggest that you go back to your Dr as soon as you can, and ask for a referral to a specialist who deals with these sorts of things i.e., Gastroenterologist and Endocrinologist. Based on those results, it may be that an appointment with a Registered Dietitian will be helpful for your diet, as it pertains to YOUR health and diagnosed conditions.

Make sure that you weigh/record all your food, on the Nutrition Tracker, and take some printouts for the Dietitian, because that will be very helpful, too.

Good luck,

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As others have said, I'm no doctor either, but if I were experiencing those symptoms, I'd ask for an ultrasound. Looking 9 months pregnant sounds a bit extreme for bloating from a wheat allergy. I don't know the symptoms of celiac disease, but I know others who have it and didn't look 9 months pregnant before being diagnosed. An ultrasound certainly won't hurt, but would show up a possible cyst or tumor.

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Do keep in mind that none of us here on Spark People is remotely qualified to give you a medical opinion. that's because we don't know anything about you. We're just taking educated guesses. You really should be talking to your doctor.

I'm no doctor, so please take anything I say with a big grain of salt.

Your lower back pain could be a result of your distended stomach. If you're carrying a lot of weight up front (like a pregnant woman), your lower back muscles are probably too weak to carry that front load. your back muscles are the compliment to your abdominals. If your back muscles are weak, they can't support your stomach.

So, with your doctor's approval (and you should tell them before doing anything) start some strength training to increase the strength of your back muscles. Some exercises that strengthen the back include, push ups, plank, side plank, bent over rows, single arm rows, etc... strengthen your lower back muscles should help decrease their lower back ache.

And it wouldn't hurt to be tested for Celiac or a gluten intolerance. People have developed allergies in later life. If your doctor doesn't seem to be helpful, it doesn't hurt to ask for a second opinion from another professional.

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I had similar symptoms, turned out to be wheat and other food allergies.

The best thing to do is to keep a record of what you eat, when you eat it, how much you eat and how it makes you feel; that way you can isolate the foods that's making you sick, if its a food problem.

Ask the doc to test you for food allergies and celiac. Celiac's harder to test for.

After your tests from the docs try eating gluten free and see if you feel better, if you change your diet before the tests, it will affect the results.

All the best dear, emoticon emoticon you are worth it!

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Diet: fine - 1400 cal per day, fruit veggies, lean protein at almost every meal.
Exercise: so - so walking 30 minutes per day

I have hypothyroidism - on meds - under control.

I have gained 60 pounds in 5 years 40 of those being in the last 14 months. Doc says could be IBS or Celiacs disease. Something is very wrong.

Symptoms that have increased in the past year - ALOT

Trouble breathing with any pressure on my abdomen
Sweating for no reason
Headaches - lots, one or two a day, but they are mild and only last up to 1/2 hour
Distained stomach - I look 9 months pregnant (no I am not pregnant)
Pelvis pain, stretching pressure type feeling
Muscle pain in lower back and neck (been to chiropractor, massage, and acupuncture)
I feel constantly full, but force myself to eat so I don't go into starvation mode (no over eating)
and again the rapid weight gain, the last bout was the last 8 days 11.2 lbs

I can't get into see my doc for another 2 weeks

PLEASE HELP with anyone who has had these symptoms with an idea of where to go.

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