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4/20/12 6:12 P

The same happens to me, but with sugar, not necessarily a high carb meal. I notice it after I eat chocolate or some kind of a desert.

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4/20/12 6:05 P

Feel free to discuss it with your doctor, but I would guess the two events were unrelated. It could have been dehydration, standing up too quickly, anxiety about something unrelated (and that you're not aware of) or something else entirely.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,971
4/20/12 3:24 P

If you are serious and you experienced an episode of tachycardia (rapid heart rate), you need to see a doctor. If I were you I would not jump to the conclusion that eating a pancake made your heart beat really fast. There could have been any number of things occurring in your body to cause a rapid heart rate, not necessarily related to eating a pancake.


4/20/12 2:32 P

Of course see your doctor if you are concerned, but it could just be that your body is not used to that kind of food anymore and it shocked your system.

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4/20/12 1:58 P

I am diabetic, and since losing weight I have to worry about low blood sugars, instead of high. I eat low carb, but 8-10 servings of veg make up my carbs. Hypoglycemia, and diabetes are two sides of the same problem. The pancreas is not doing its job. As your blood sugars go up and down, you will have high blood sugars, and low blood sugars, and neither is a good thing. You want to stay between 70-120. If you have a meal that is high carb, and sugary, you can have a blood sugar spike, but then it usually crashes. I never had an y problems with high blood sugars, even over 500. Low blood sugars might be your problem. For me this usually involves blurry vision, and severe headaches.

So eating a high carb meal doesn't necessarily mean that the carbs are a problem, it may be the type, or the amount, but most importantly, how fast your body metabolizes it. This causes a rapid rise, followed by you body releasing insulin to lower it. If you produce too much insulin, your blood sugar can plummet to dangerous levels.

In my experience, eating low glycemic vegetables, along with lean meats seems to not cause huge spikes, and also keeps me from lows. Avoiding pop, juices, etc might be a good idea, as well as lots of noodles, or a syrupy pancake. Try coarser foods that take longer to be absorbed by the body.

I would recommend The Glycemic Index for reading. Things like white bread may be a problem. A sugar free syrup over a wheat pancake may not be though, even one with blueberries. Finding out what is behind this should also be something you check out, in case it isn't hypoglycemia, or diabetes. Then you can come up with a plan to address your problem.

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4/20/12 1:06 P

I can honestly say, I did not feel the least bit guilty eating this. I even licked the plate! (no I didn't, but I wanted to!)

I actually had a conversation with one of my coworkers. She experiences the same thing. She has low blood sugar. I've had a couple blood tests done. Different times of the day.... one close to prediabetes but deemed ok. The other, on the low end.... healthy, but low. So I guess I'm a swinger?

I tend to agree with it being the fat/sugar combo. I don't get this way all the time, but I have noticed, that I do when I eat these pancakes at work. I think it has something to do with the ff syrup, butter, extra carbs., etc. like Junquemaled stated.

I think I'm carb sensitive.

I walked three miles at lunch..... I'm feeling better. I am figuring, after I run after work, all will be better. I cut my apple out as to make sure I didn't throw some more carbs down the shute.

Thanks for the information and by all means, if anyone else has anything to add, or an experience like this that they've encountered, I'd like to hear!

Thanks again,

Bev emoticon

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4/20/12 12:14 P

I agree with Anarie (as usual.) Your reaction may very well be a stress reaction caused by your own feelings of guilt; our bodies are very sensitive to our emotional state.

I don't treat any food as good or bad, safe or sinful. It's just food. Some foods are better than others; sometimes, I need high-carb meals to recover from an intense workout (like today... I scorched over 700 calories at the gym today!) but the quality of those carbs is more important than the fact they're carbs. Our bodies need carbs to function!

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4/20/12 12:09 P

I experience episodes like you describe - however, it appears to be more about the fat/sugar combo than the carbs. My blood sugar is not a problem . . . it's never predictable....however, in 15 minutes it's like it never happened.

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4/20/12 12:00 P

Did you have coffee with your breakfast? If so, it could have been the caffeine.

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4/20/12 11:59 A

You need to see a doctor and have all the tests for diabetes and insulin resistance, especially a glucose tolerance test.

That said, I suspect that you answer lies in this sentence: "About 30 mins after I ate this delicious pile of sin, I notice my brain fog and the rapid heart beat." Even if it's tongue-in-cheek, if you can refer to food as "sin," it's likely to make you feel rotten. The rapid heart beat could very well be from the stress of eating something you thought you shouldn't. You believe there should be "consequences" for the "sin," so there are.

Again, definitely get the glucose tolerance test. If that rules out insulin issues, then it might be time to think about how healthy you attitudes towards food are. If, on the other hand, it shows that you really are having trouble metabolising the carbs, you can get proper medical help instead of just wondering if you're handling it right.

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4/20/12 10:53 A

Has anyone else ever gone through this?

This morning, I had a delicious pancake, with a little butter and syrup.

I don't usually have a pancake for breakfast, but decided to splurge.

About 30 mins after I ate this delicious pile of sin, I notice my brain fog and the rapid heart beat. I've gone through this before and thought maybe I would ask and see if anyone else has had this happen.

I think I am carb sensitive and need to simply refrain from or suffer the consequences of the high carb meal.

Oh, I had a piece of sausage on the side... figured I'd get my protein in.. bahahahaaaa

(I will be walking at lunch and running after work..... :-p)

Anyone out there with any help? Suggestions? Words of Wisdom?



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