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KAITLYNN51 Posts: 762
1/10/13 12:18 P

I do it alone!
My only walking buddy is my cat who sits next to the treadmill as I walk!

I understand your frustration if you're trying to find walking buddies at work though.
You might try posting an "ad" so to speak asking for interested individuals and come up with challenges that's what my office does and it works.

SIRENICAL Posts: 331
1/10/13 12:14 P

I feel you! There are days when I am on the fence about going for a walk, even a five minute one, but if I say 'Hey, lets go for that walk" and they say "No, I'm tired." I might not go because they were my motivation.
I know everyone talks about finding buddies and support, but in the end, it comes down to us. It is great to be someone else's motivation, but if they can't be that for you, even 1/100th of the time, it isn't worth it.
I love walking to books on tape, sucks me right in and I can walk forever! Okay, not really forever, but the time does go by much faster.

MM634426 Posts: 1
1/10/13 11:53 A

Yep, I feel your pain when it comes to walking buddies.

I had a friend in high school that complained constantly about her weight but never wanted to do anything about it. Finally I was able to talk her into losing weight with me and take up walking. Problem was after almost every walk she'd suggest we get Chinese or something else that was crazy unhealthy. When I'd tell her no she'd just stick her hand in a bag of doritos for the rest of the day. All I could do was look at her like she was insane. What's the point in walking if you're just going to eat back the calories you just burned plus a thousand more?? Worst weight loss buddy ever.

My sister wanted to start walking with me when she found out she was pregnant. Her goal was to gain as little weight as possible this time around. I didn't want to tell her no and squash what little motivation was there so I agreed to walk with her. Lousy walking buddy right from the start. She didn't walk as fast as I did so I had to slow down. She didn't care about accuracy - 55 minutes is close enough to 60 she'd say. We'd end the walks at her house where she would order take-out like baked ziti, eat the whole thing, and then proceed to snack for the rest of the evening. She has no idea where the 40 extra pounds has come from. "But I've been walking!" she'd state after each doctor's appointment. "I've cut out the beer so if anything I'm taking in less calories then before I got pregnant!" So completely blind to the reality of the situation. I hate to admit it but her bad habits rubbed off on me and I fell off the wagon not too long after I started exercising with her.

Lessoned learned. I'm lone-wolfing it now. Seems every time I buddy up with people they just slow me down.

LACIEKAY SparkPoints: (7,142)
Fitness Minutes: (1,802)
Posts: 194
12/11/12 9:51 P

that's the worst!
i've given up on walking buddies. everyone SAYS they want to lose weight.. but it seems like no one but ME wants to work for it!

SJM1027 Posts: 384
12/11/12 9:26 P

Totally agree, workout time is good for the mind and soul

SLIMINDOWN31 SparkPoints: (30,065)
Fitness Minutes: (18,345)
Posts: 973
12/11/12 5:18 P

Crystal-I wish I lived near you! I can never find a reliable walking partner. Feel your frustration.

MISSSVJS SparkPoints: (41,648)
Fitness Minutes: (54,516)
Posts: 1,441
12/11/12 4:15 P

This is precisely why I prefer walking alone - I put my headphones on and either listen to Rush Limbaugh or my iPod and do my own thing. Most of the people I've walked with usually don't walk fast enough for me anyway - they prefer to "stroll" while I pretty much power walk. Since I ride to work with my husband, work in an office with several people, and spend my evenings at home with my husband - I look at my walk as "me time" - I'm alone in my thoughts and I love every minute of it. You don't need a walking buddy - go by yourself and enjoy it!

CRYSTALIOWA SparkPoints: (1,190)
Fitness Minutes: (240)
Posts: 19
12/11/12 2:21 P

Thanks SP Friends!! emoticon
I was soo glad I brought my Ipod today!!
I threw it in and went walking.
I have definitely kept my distance.
I know if they start "bragging" about their lunches I will then brag about my walk.... and I know that would annoy them. Go figure!!
It seems very "highschoolish" and petty.
I think you guys are right, they are holding me back and my be jealous of my progress/commitment. emoticon
i am going to keep going for me, if they want to give up on themselves they are free to, but I am not joining them..... I dont care how good the food is LOL.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/11/12 1:54 P

I simply tell my "buddies" when they ditch on me that they are not ALLOWED to complain to me about being tired, being overweight or out of shape because they are choosing to do NOTHING.
I fifgure they don't really care and just like to hear themselves complain. I choose not to listen. One asked my why I didn't complain when the exercise didn't seem to be helping me lose weight. I calmly explained that the exercise is not only helping me lose weight, but helping me sleep better, helping me eat better (because who wants a greasy burger after working out hard) and giving me a better outlook on life. So the weight will come off, but the other benefits far outweigh.

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,466
12/11/12 1:42 P

Sounds like these "buddies" are not. That they will be jealous of your progress and will try to sabotage your efforts. Definitely put distance between you and them. Do the walking alone. Stop asking them, go on your own. Then if they do want to go, you can go again and get in an extra workout. Good luck!

SNOWJESTER SparkPoints: (29,896)
Fitness Minutes: (21,528)
Posts: 985
12/11/12 12:41 P

I had a walking buddy and we did great for about three months and now she's not interested. I feel your annoyance. I've just restarted solo. It's actually not so bad as long as I have some music. Sometimes you've just got to do it on your own. There are some benefits, like I can go when I want and not bright and early because that was when she was free. Think about the positive parts about doing it on your own and use sparkpeople for support. Just don't quit! emoticon

JENNN77 SparkPoints: (144,736)
Fitness Minutes: (72,458)
Posts: 653
12/11/12 12:40 P

I'd distance myself too. For whatever reason they aren't ready to put their health first and I wouldn't want the extra frustration of dealing with their unhealthy habits. I have my own unhealthy habits to break emoticon

I have people in my life that are similar. They talk a lot about how they need to lose weight and workout, but then eat a donut every morning and never go to the gym. I still talk to these people, but just let go of their negative attitude and walk away when I need to.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
12/11/12 12:35 P

I can totally relate. I've been doing this for 3 long years. I've learned that doing this alone is the best possible way. Once you've put it in your mind that you're going to rely on someone else to work out with you, you become defeated when they don't want to, and end up either not working out at all, or get frustrated with them.

I'll still go for walks with other people, but I don't rely on that as my sole workout. On days that I workout with other people, I usually do that PLUS my original workout for the day mostly because the people I had been walking with were far less fit than me. I find it interesting that the same people who claim they want help usually mean "I want you to breath fire under my butt 24/7 to keep me motivated, and I don't want to be accountable at all".

I seriously have had more success doing this alone than I ever had with working out with others. I usually don't even like having "accountability buddies" because this isn't about anyone else but me...I guess I'm a bit of a 'lone wolf' when it comes to working out and my fitness. I finally agreed to have 2 but that's only because we won't be working out I guess I should have a disclaimer that reads "Plays better alone"

Working out time is good listening to music and thinking time. It's me time. No one else can interrupt my thoughts. Heck, I usually workout so hard that I couldn't talk to someone while I'm doing it anyway. I guess what I'm saying is don't be discouraged. Get to know yourself when you workout.

CRYSTALIOWA SparkPoints: (1,190)
Fitness Minutes: (240)
Posts: 19
12/11/12 11:40 A

I am sooo frustrated. emoticon
I have a few friends at work who say they want
to get healthy and lose weight, however they keep bailing on going walking thru out the day and honestly it seems to be a pattern now. Especially the excuses. emoticon
For Example:
* I am tired
* I am busy
* I am going out to eat ( One girl goes out to eat every day, yet cant seem to quit whining about her weight, this is on my last nerve)
* I just dont feel like it today
* Maybe later
* I will go tomorrow

BLAH BLAH BLAH.... emoticon
i am in no means someone that forces their diet onto other people or even exercise for that matter, but I am getting EXTREMELY annoyed that ALL the people who are supposed to be on this journey with me are/have copped out. emoticon

Sadly there isnt anyone left to even ask.

Looks like I will be walking alone.... AGAIN. emoticon

i know it sounds bad, but I think I will distance myself from all of them.
I have recently noticed that they use me for motivation and in turn are actually discouraging me.
Its bad enough that they keep cancelling our workouts emoticon , but they also keep bringing in or constantly talking about horrible food I am trying REALLY hard to stay away from.
Some of them even brag that they are eating it!??!?!?!?! How does that even make sense!!! emoticon

SIGH........ thanks for listening to my rant emoticon

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