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3/7/14 1:45 P

Thank you both for the information and advice! I've found that I'm able to walk on flat surfaces without pain, so I'm trying to do that to prevent stiffness in between heat treatments. Hopefully it'll be back to normal soon!

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3/6/14 4:57 P

Pain on the inside of the knee is very often caused by tears or the wearing down of the meniscus. It is something that can happen over time or it can happen during lateral movements such as in tennis or basketball. Often sleeping with your knees bent can have you waking up with pain caused by a pinching of the meniscus. For most people the pain will come and go, for others it will begin to build with intensity over time. Options such as surgery or cortisone shots are sometimes suggested but surgery should always be considered a last resort as often it does not really help. Meniscus problems are common as you age, it is usually accompanied with osteoarthritis. could just be one of those random things that sometimes happens to our bodies, we feel a pain in our body that has no real reason. I think when we are run down or tired our bodies can sometimes just hurt.

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3/6/14 1:12 P

It's hard to guess at what it might be, especially if you don't remember doing anything that could have caused the pain. I'd recommend taking a break from exercise until it feels better. If the pain persists or gets worse, you'll want to get it checked out by your doctor.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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3/6/14 12:43 P

I had a pretty nasty cold that began Monday night, and missed work Tuesday and Wednesday. At some point between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, the inside of my left knee started to feel as though I had injured it. I'm completely at a loss as to what's wrong with it - maybe I slept in a strange position? I haven't been to the gym in a couple of days because of my cold, and I can't think of anything I did to hurt it. All day yesterday and today, my knee has been really painful, particularly in motions like putting on pants, using the stairs, etc. Straightening my leg seems to be less painful than bending the knee.

Any suggestions? Has this ever happened to anyone else?

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