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10/13/13 10:33 A

Bike riding or hiking with the family? Maybe both? I'm trying to focus on activities that are healthy for all.

NPPMOM Posts: 601
10/12/13 9:27 A

Lost weight this week. Did pretty well with working out. Need to work on tracking food...managing to book breakfast and lunch and then not booking dinner....this is leading to snacking at night b/c I don't have a end number in my head. My goal for next week is to work out 6 days and track food consistently.

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10/9/13 4:32 P

Didn't get a work out in last night, but I did get a 11 mile bike ride in today. Hubby and I celebrated our anniversary by biking the Battle Road trail at Minuteman National Park. It was a beautiful ride and very quite due to the gov't shut down. Going to dinner and hopefully will manage to get a run in tonight to burn off the extra calories I'm planning to eat.

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10/8/13 4:19 P

Started strength training again last i just need to keep it up.

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10/7/13 3:04 P

Eating pretty well today and already dressed to workout's a good start to the day.

NPPMOM Posts: 601
10/6/13 8:01 A

Trying to focus on having a good week!

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9/30/13 6:48 P

Having trouble getting back into tracking food. I know how important it is from my initial 50 pound loss, but just can't seem to get any consistency going this time around. Oh, and my legs are stiff today.

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9/29/13 4:47 P

Took the week off to rest my foot/ankle before the race. I ended up walking the 2k with my family and then my husband and I did the 5K. I stayed in the back figuring I'd do a run/walk as my body gave me signals. Cardio-wise I felt pretty good, actually better than I expected because I hadn't been running. I did have some trouble with my ankle. It didn't hurt but I fell twice when my foot landed wrong (I guess). I was running and then suddenly I was on the ground. The funny thing is that those first two falls didn't seem to hurt my ankle any more than it was prior to the run. I think I'll look into some strengthening exercises to see if I can avoid having my ankle give out in the future. Other highlights included having to back track to hug and kiss my son because my husband had done so when he went by, getting stung by a bee (yes, because falling wasn't enough) and then falling for a THIRD time. This fall was due to me looking for my husband when I heard his voice and then I tripped and fell over a tree root (note to self: look at ground when doing a trail run). All in all it was a fun run and I look forward to doing it again next year..hopefully in better shape.

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9/25/13 1:39 A

Remember, you can't go back and change things if you push it to far and it gets injured. As Wayne Dyer always says "You have to decide NOW when you have the chance, as you can't go back later."
I use to have some of his books on tape and I'd listen to them in the car. I still remember him talking about the girl from the telephone company (this was some years ago) who told him that he SHOULD have called last Tuesday to get his phone turned on. He said "This is Friday, I can't go back to Tuesday and call, so why tell me that?"

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9/24/13 1:00 P

I have a trail run to do on Sunday that I'm trying to get ready for. I've been having problems with my foot and ankle this week causing me to stop a run on Sunday. Now I'm trying to decide if I power through and keep training or if I rest it and wing it on Sunday.

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9/14/13 8:44 A

Going to try to get a run in today. I have two weeks to train until the Holdenwood Trail Run and my legs are still recovering from the RFYL. Damn those obstacles! :-)

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9/9/13 12:46 A


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9/8/13 8:44 A

Completed the Run for your life race yesterday. Psyched I finished but also very aware of how out of shape I've gotten over this last year. Time to add some strength training and change up the cardio a bit.

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