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7/2/13 2:21 P

Be sure to consume enough fluids during the time you can. Stay focussed on the spiritual aspects of the practice.

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6/28/13 5:56 A

As far as liquid and practicing Ramadan in general, isn't there a health proviso involved? IF there is an issue re lack of fluid or food, then I thought that you could be exempt.


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6/27/13 9:12 P

Eat as you normally would — just switch up the time. Skip the fried food and have the chicken breast and salad (etc.). Don't deprive yourself when you have the opportunity to eat, just don't indulge in all the fatty food. If you have muslim sisters who are also looking to get healthy, plan some Ramadan celebrations with them. It will be easier to stick to the plan if the people around you are doing the same. You'll probably find yourself feeling better eating the healthier food anyway — switching both your time of eating AND what you eat is more difficult than just when you eat. :)

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6/27/13 8:08 P

No water? That doesn't sound healthy to me. Particularly in areas where the weather is hot. emoticon

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6/27/13 4:09 A

I think i've read before that weight gain during Ramadan is really common because of overeating at night, so you're definitely right to be concerned. I would suggest a really high protein breakfast as protein will keep you fuller longer. Avoid anything with sugar as that will make you hungrier sooner. And then at night first eat protein and vegetables to make sure you get those in (if you start with breads and fatty foods you may be full before you get a chance to eat healthier foods). As for your family, remember that you can only be a good example to them; you can't make them eat what you eat; but the opposite is also true -- ONLY YOU control what you eat, sometimes we feel a lot of pressure from family but in the end, we still decide whether we will eat something or not.

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6/26/13 8:37 P


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6/26/13 4:06 P

No I'm afraid no wather,no food no noting from sun rise to sun sett.Privious Rammadan we hav been having werry heavy food,loots of deep frid and cake and stuff like that for dinner and fry ups for brekfast witch i don't like so i normali just eat dinner at sun sett.But my famili seems to like my sparks resepies that I have intredused to them and that inkluding the deserts and snacks.

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6/26/13 3:39 P

are you allowed to have liquids during the day? I'm sorry I don't know the rules.

plan on having something healthy and filling when you can. and maybe try not to have the other stuff available to tempt you??

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6/26/13 3:39 P

Hello Vigdis,

Instead of looking at this time of Ramadan as one of deprivation, see it as an opportunity to practice self-mastery and reverence for the respect you have for yourself and your religion.
When I lived in Morocco and Saudi Arabia it seemed like many switched up their schedules to accommodate these disciples more easily and adhere to the fasting times.

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6/26/13 3:22 P

As it is known it is Rammadan in 2weeks,and it is a but 16,5 houers on the first day and I'm worryd a but that I'm not going to be able to resist to over indolge in food and sweets.Do to it is a werry long time with out any thing at all.HELP!!!!
Any ides to how to not be tempted to over eat and raid the cockie jar?I will be gratfull,thank you.

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