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HMKITTEN Posts: 458
6/13/12 4:07 A

ooh...I may have to try this with pheasant in the crock pot. They need the extra time and the sweet salty would be excellent!

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6/12/12 2:34 P

Emeril has several good recipes. Might need tweeked a bit to make it a smart recipe.

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6/12/12 2:05 P

I am glad this sounds good to you. Best of luck.

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6/12/12 10:17 A

That sounds delicious! I think I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks so much!

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6/11/12 1:10 P

I love rabbit. Unfortunately, my mother did the cooking of it. I have watched her. I can tell you what she did: Make a marinade of vinegar, water, sugar, onions cut into rings, bay leaves, black pepper corns, and salt. Put the rabbit in there for one or two days (refrigerate) She cooked it on the stove, but I think you can put in crock pot with some of the marinade, all of the onions, and a handful of ginger snaps. The ginger snaps sweeten and thicken the gravy. If needed, thicken gravy with some flour at end of 4 or 5 hours of cooking on low. Serve with wide noodles.
this is the only way I know and it is sweet sour and delicious. I have made sweet sour beef this way and that is good too.

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6/11/12 10:31 A

I'm looking for some recipes to cook rabbit. I have five in my freezer (these are quality, naturally-raised domestic young rabbits that we butchered ourselves a few months ago) that I need to cook, but I'm very intimidated by the idea. Every time I open my freezer I see them in there and they make me feel guilty for not having cooked them sooner.

Crock-pot recipes would be great, but I'm open to other things except probably frying.

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