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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,562
9/26/12 7:34 P

I wasn't mocking you at all, but just stating a fact about Gastric ByPass Surgery. Half of all people who have it regain all the weight again within two years, SO, it takes a lifestyle change to keep it off. In the documentary two women are featured who are working VERY hard daily at keeping at their goal weights.
There are Spark Teams here for those who have had the surgery and there is also the DONE BEING THE FAT GIRL TEAM, which is a great team. You can find Teams at the top of the Tool Bar, where it says community.

I'll suggest that you watch the series on YouTube with Robert Lustig M.D. "THE SKINNY ON OBESITY". It teaches a lot. Some people after having the surgery can't eat much sugar without having "dumping" but then there are some who can. ROSEANNE, the comedian said she never lost a pound after having the surgery as she drank milk shakes and ate small amounts 24 hours a day.

CORALINE01 Posts: 575
9/26/12 12:03 P

i hear you. i am still trying to figure out the whole support thing. it is a foreign concept to me. i knew what a blog was because of the movie julie and julia but i didnt really know how to use it it or what message boards and chat rooms were until i started sp.
i do know that the worst form of support is usually the ones who love us the most.
my husband for example. the long story short is that i am cheating on him or planning to and that is why i lost all the weight, not because of high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. he continually sabotages me by eating in front of me and when i get home late he says lets just go out. i have become stronger than him just by doing a little at a time. once i said that i dont like fried chicken EVERY saturday night and said i'll stay home i started gaining control and losing some pounds. saturday night is now my night to cook something exotic, sometimes expensive, usually vegetarian, all because it is something he wouldnt touch. so his loss!

i have more thoughts on this but back to work before the boss comes

9/26/12 10:27 A

Well, I basically thought she was mocking my weight loss surgery. Yes, I have seen the documentary on HBO.
But, the point I was trying to make is that

just sayin'

CORALINE01 Posts: 575
9/25/12 7:09 P

whoa barbieboo! the trouble with typing over talking is there is no emotion in the letters. the other respondent was probably just trying to help. the thing is when you post in these message boards you never know what you'll get. i have gotten some awful responses from some real jerks and i let them know it. i also stand up for people who are being attacked.
that is why i tend to stay within my teams.

so how did your surgery go? did you watch the documentary? i thought it was very good.

we are all in the same boat as far as gaining it back. if we dont learn why we gained it in the first place it WILL come back. i have seen it before with the weight loss surgery. if you just go for the knife you wont change your life! hey that rhymes!

and furthermore what was so degrading in that other post????!!!!!

9/25/12 6:01 P

I thought this community was suppose to support each other,, rather than degrade the other member by expressing their views on a subject they have absolutely no idea on how hard it really can be for others who could diet and exercise everyday,, and still have the same results of being obese..

9/25/12 5:56 P

okay,, so you are telling me that you believe I will gain all my weight back,, just bc you watch some documentary on HBO?

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,562
6/22/12 1:24 P

Glad ur surgery went well. Half of all people who have it regain the weight within two years, so I know it doesn't work for everyone. Do watch the four part series on YouTube " The WEIGHT of the Nation" which has a lot of good information. The doctor does say he doesn't know why after about five days of the surgery, that the pancreas begins to function normally again once the stomach is removed and reattached.

6/22/12 11:31 A

I'm new to Spark. Well, kinda. I joined back in 2009. But, since my recent gastric bypass surgery, I wanted a clean slate, so I deleted my account, and started a new account.

So far, I have lost 40 lbs. in 6 weeks. and I just recently stopped taking all my diabetes meds, and high blood pressure meds. I have been a severe Type 2 Diabetic for almost 8 years.

My health just starting spiral downward, and since I had a metabolic body, weight loss was impossible, without some kind of surgical intervention.

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