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6/11/13 9:51 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

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6/11/13 7:57 A

Welcome to SP. Good luck on your journey.

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6/10/13 10:00 P

Thank you for your support; means the world. If only there was a quick solution but there isnt x

6/10/13 6:21 P

Hi! I am also a binge eater as well and am going along in my journey to deal with this. I just joined today. Yes there is always hope. you are welcome to look at my teams if you would like. I joined living binge free and am fixing to join setting the captives free

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6/10/13 5:27 P

Hi everyone,
I have just found spark people on google and have joined as I hope o find support for my binge eating disorder and also in turn to help other people. Surely there must be a life outside of this prison?!
My binge eating has ben very bad recently and my weight gain has been significant-leading to depression,anxiety and then continued eating. I have become very recluse from all my friends, my world has become small and my mind is dominated by food thoughts.

After reading the articles on Spark People,I can recognise that my binging stems from anxiety. When I am anxious, to counteract the feeling I binge eat to try and help. However, the anxiety builds from what I have eaten, so the vicious circle continues. I need to formulate a way to deal with these feelings that do not involve food. I need to just talk and say i am frustrated and sad and not to use food as an outlet.

Other triggers which has seen me slip into a bout of binging is that i hurt my back 4 weeks ago and still in rehabilitation for it- which has meant very low exercise... I love exercise and o have that taken away from me is pure torture, combine that with the current amounts I have been eating and its no wonder I feel sad. I wish I wasn't my own worst enemy!! I feel i have tried everything, EVERYTHING and end up in square one.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is me forever or is there still hope?? I hope so...there is so much more to life.

Please help xxxxx

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