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4/19/12 9:57 A

I hear you there hun,, my hubby thinks that I should do all the work cleaning and raising our boys. I have a 23 year old son who helps me when he can and when his father doesn't bitch at him all the time. \my hubby will come home and sit on his ass and do nothing except watch t.v. To me he is not a man but a 2 year old in a mans body. He thinks that I should do everything for him. But no more I am finally going to take the first step in my life and say do it yourself you lazy pain in the butt.

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4/19/12 8:41 A

I know it's hard to get people to help you. I didn't work when my kids were young. I wanted to stay home with them and I did most of the work because I felt I should since I stayed at home. That is the old way of thinking. I worked just as hard being at home with the kids. Now it is hard to get my husband to do anything.

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4/19/12 8:02 A

Do ever have one of those days when you think everything is going right but find out its going downhill fast. Well I am on a downhill train to no where because my family isn't helping me stay motivated and they don't even help me try and keep my house clean. They say clean is women's work. I try and do everything myself but I can only do so much. I want my family to
know that they can clean what they dirty but I end up doing it myself and thats not fair to me. My dad always helps my mom and so why cant my family help me. My hubby says that he works hard all day and should be able to come home and sit and relax until bed time. I say hell no because if my father can go to work in a coal mine all night then come home and help mom clean when she ask him to then so can my hubby. Dad use to work in a coal mine in Leaf Rapids Manitoba Canada doing back shift then he would come home and help mom clean when she asked him to. So what is that telling you about my hubby

I am going to start one more time to lose this weight if it kills me because I am gaining weight instead of losing it. and thats not me. I want to be able to go for a walk later today and clear my head of any negative thoughts and to feel good about myself because to me the only person who counts is me and what I want out of my life. I am still eating 3 meals a day and having a light snack in the evenings. I will try and go for atleast 30lbs by the end of may and then another 40 lbs by the end of July. If I can do this then I know that my family was the reason why I was failing before.

Wish me luck on trying to get my family busy helping me and as well as for losing the weight I mentioned.

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