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8/7/13 9:15 P

You need the fat, particularly on a salad where most of the vitamins are fat soluble. I agree that I would be more concerned about the sugar they add when they remove the fat that about the 2 g. of fat.

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8/7/13 10:02 A

Personally, I would be more interested in the sugar content than 2 grams of fat - normally when something is reduced fat, the manufacturer replaces it with something else and more often than not it's sugar. And sugar is worse for you than the fat!

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8/7/13 6:46 A

You could always do what I do - I contact the Head Office (via e-mail or phone) of various companies and ask them straight-out for the Nutritional Info. One company even obliged by sending me a PDF attachment of their entire range - hots/cold/sweets :-) The only thing that it didn't have was the fibre content, but most of their foods are lacking in fibre anyway. Another company sent me 6 loaves of their excellent quality and rather expensive bread that had just come on the market :-) It pays to make contact sometimes - LOL!


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8/6/13 9:19 P

Fat is not the enemy. Your body needs fat to function. (kind of like a car engine needs oil) Unless you're eating high fat foods the rest of the day, that 2g shouldn't even make a dent in your daily percentage.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
8/6/13 7:17 P

You may already know this, but if there's less than 0.5 grams of something per serving, the food maker can round down to 0 and therefore call it "fat free!" So if they decide a "serving" is a tbsp, and a large salad has 4 tbsp of dressing, that 0g of fat can suddenly become 2g.

As already said, 2g is negligible, and honestly there's no way to be completely accurate. Even weighing and measuring still has to deal with variables and the best we can do is get close.

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8/6/13 6:11 P

2g of fat is rather negligible. That's a mere 18 calories. I think such a discrepancy should hardly be cause for alarm. If you'd like more certainly then perhaps cooking at home is your best bet.

8/6/13 4:05 P

Today, I had the Black and Bleu salad at Quiznos which is advertised as coming with fat free balsamic dressing. It was pretty tasty, but when I go to their web site to find the nutrition information, their PDF file shows the dressing on a Large salad is 200 calories with 2g of fat. Unfortunately, their nutrition guide does not include serving sizes besides "small" and "large" so I have no idea if the small cup of dressing I received was actually the small serving or large serving. It was just barely enough for the salad.

On many calorie database web sites, this salad is listed as including flat bread, but their official web site doesn't mention it, and I didn't receive any. (Which is ok, as I wouldn't have taken it anyway.) It's tricky to figure out the accurate counts when there are so many undocumented variables and conflicting counts for what seems to be the same items.

I like Quiznos, but have always noticed odd discrepancies with their nutrition facts, portions, and advertised ingredients but the fat-free dressing having 2g of fat kind of bothers me.

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