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3/28/11 5:11 A

This week I've made lots of progress. I didn't overeat during the weekend (this is so great for me!) and I realised that I used to overate on sweet things. I also overate on salty things, but it seems I'm more able to say no when I'm not sugar-poisoned... I even took down a burrito when I wasn't really enjoying it (something that may be normal to anyone but me), so it's giving me results ;)

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3/26/11 5:04 P

Today's saturday and it's been super hard to give up the weekend dessert. But I could manage it :) so now I'm sipping a hot tea and feeling great after this.
I feel more able to portion control (not sugar but everything) when I have no sugar on my body, I don't know why. I use to overindulge on weekends, but yesterday and today I didn't! So I'm really really happy of these baby steps.
I'm glad you're doing well Amanda :)

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3/26/11 8:26 A

On day 11 of giving up sugar. Feel great after the first 5 days of being tired and some headaches. Don't miss it.

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3/24/11 5:59 P

End of day 4

Today I was celebrating the end of practices in college, so I went with some friends to a restaurant. I was craving so sooooo mad something sweet for dessert, and I almost fall into temptation, but somehow I forgot it :) so when I got back home I ate some yoghourt.
But the hardest part is coming, weekend is my downfall. I wish I'll have the strength to carry on!

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3/23/11 4:05 A

I'm glad you guys are doing this, because this past weeks I've been trying but it's been impossible. But now I'm on day 3 (the other weeks I just lasted 5-6 days) and I'm going to make it happen. Good luck, it'll be worthy!

3/22/11 11:24 P

Im on day 23 of quitting sugar all sweeteners, chocolate and coffee cold turkey. I was miserable the first couple weeks, but Im finding I like real food too! I am a serious chocolate addict. I have lost 12lbs! will keep u updated

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3/20/11 3:58 P

I quit eating sugar a week ago, only getting it from fruit. Very tired, sleeping alot(!), need frequent naps.
Got off coffee last year went thru same thing. Now don't miss it. Hopefully will get thru this phase and feel better, will give it 3 weeks.

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2/14/11 8:50 A

I'm glad to hear that you are not giving in to the sugar issue. Your bladder will stay healthier without an over-growth of yeast & when you are eating the foods that yeast love...they will grow & set up a bed for infection. elizRN emoticon

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2/14/11 8:37 A

I had urinalysis but they didn't give me very concrete results, only that I had an infection.
I started last week the sugar detox, it went very well until thursday but then I failed.
Anyway this week I'm starting it over, I hope it's not as hard as the last time. And I guess it's going to be easier because my stomach's very upset and I need friendly food.

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2/6/11 7:03 P

Did you have a urinalysis for bacteria? If you didn't, then it could very well have been an inflammation of the bladder from the yeast. All mucous membranes can be involved. But, no matter what happens, it's worth it to get rid of the sugar. elizRN

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2/6/11 4:57 P

Good luck in cutting off sugar. Keep up the effort.

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2/6/11 4:11 P

elizrn, you mentioned yeast die-off, and when I cut off sugar the first time, in less than a week I had cystitis. Do you think it might be related to the sugar detox?

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2/6/11 4:06 P

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I got off sugar. It wasn't that hard, and I stayed firm for a long time, then christmas came and I wasn't completely off sugar but I had little portions and I was satisfied.

But then my final exams came and I forgot all I had learnt. And now, after some days of sugar, alcohol, and everything binge, I need to take control and start from the very beginning.

Starting tomorrow, february 7th.

By the way, thanks for the replies, you're very supportive!!

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12/31/10 9:11 A

I got off of all of them. In the beginning it was a challenge, but I kept in mind that all sweeteners increase the desire for sugar, some actually cause weight gain, others water storage & I couldn't find anything nutritious about them. I had made a pact with myself. If something isn't nutritious, then it wasn't going in my body. One day I remember questioning my own "sanity" for giving myself such a tall order, but now, I don't even think about it.

elizRN emoticon

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MAVIS2POINT0 Posts: 419
12/31/10 12:39 A

I like Truvia, but wish there were more long-term clinical studies. I'd hate to find out 10 years later that there are side effects that are unknown today.

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12/29/10 9:46 P

I've went sugar free with the ladies in my office. My manager found out she was Diabetic and that's all it took for me to join the sugar free gang. It's not been all that hard for me and honestly when I did have a piece of candy that had sugar in it over the holidays, it was so sweet I threw most of it away. I've learned that you can have treats that come sugar free and they taste just as good as the real thing. Be careful though with alot of sugar substitutes and eat in moderation because they cause stomach upset that is just HORRIBLE!!

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12/29/10 4:03 P

When I finally realized how poorly I was eating....& had been for many decades, I was appalled at how unaware I was, despite being a medical professional. I was never seriously over-weight, so I thought ( or didn't think) that I could do whatever I wanted. WRONG WRONG WRONG. I had to get very ill before I woke up.

Sugar is a big problem, but not the only problem. The entire nutritional intake needs to be the focus, along with meal timings, etc. When I changed it was a "full Monty" What a time I had.

I actually had to change everything. I dumped everything that was in the house & then went to the market with my new list. But, that was only the beginning. As I changed my intake my childSelf screamed & yelled at me continually...I remember going to sleep just so I didn't have to listen to my own thoughts.

Then came the "yeast die-off." That was something I wasn't prepared for. I have never felt so sick. In the beginning I didn't know what it was, but then after doing some research, I came to realize that my flora was also screaming & kicking. I remember telling myself that I was "in the woods", but the path would lead me out & once out, things would be much better. This was truly a leap of faith.

I also had terrible blood sugar issues...reactive hypoglycemia. That was very frightening for me. However, all of these things led me to be an educator in this field, so I am grateful.

As for cookies, candy, etc., yes I have them on occasion, but never anything like I did before. I'm not a believer in abstinence. I also prefer not to have them. That is my favorite mind state. They don't interest me so much any longer. I truly don't want anything that doesn't benefit my body.

As for my compulsive eating thoughts, yes, they come sometimes, but I'm aware of what they are really telling me. In a way, they help me to know that I'm not paying good attention to what's going on in my life.

So, I'm grateful for my sugar & food issues. They have brought me to a place I never would have found before.

Happy New Year!

elizRN emoticon

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12/29/10 2:56 P

When quitting eating sweets you feel much better and have energy. I will just have granola bars and fruits.
During the Thanksgiving day and Christmas I had some
cheesecake, cookies, apple pie and ice cream..Everything small portion. After the holidays are over. I will not have sweets in my house. emoticon

GOAL40TH Posts: 669
12/28/10 11:14 P

I'm doing the Dr.Poon diet, no's been 6 weeks and I'm already down 23lbs...and eating lots of great things.
The first four days were Hell...but then it's clear sailing, once all the stuff removed from my body. I get all the treats I like to have, cookies, cakes, breads, choc, all sugar free, there 5 clinic's in Toronto area.

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12/28/10 10:39 P

How lucky for you that you had that experience. In order to feel that, one has to take the sugar out, which I think I read that you did. That dessert was a true sugar overload that forced your pancreas to over-produce insulin. That was truly a "killer dessert."

elizRN emoticon

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12/24/10 12:32 P

Quitting sugar....hhhmm not a good and sweet idea for me. At least not this week! Haha I love me some sweets especially chocolate! Sorry if I'm tempting anyone right now. emoticon

4EVERROYS Posts: 48
12/24/10 8:08 A

Has anyone tried Truvia. It is the BEST, I mean BEST sugar substitute I've ever had. Takes, Looks and melts just like sugar.

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12/19/10 4:02 P


As you know, I've almost quit sugar off my diet. I just eat it on weekends if someone offers something to me, nothing more.
But yesterday I had dinner at tony roma's and I shared a skilled cookie sundae with some friends (sweetest dessert ever). It tastes good, I know, but the day after (today) I felt horrible. My stomach was very upset and I felt dizzy and nauseous. This is just a note to myself to remind me this thing kills me, and makes me feel really bad, and I don't need it and I don't want to feel this way anymore.

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12/17/10 4:27 P

Hi guys!!

You asked if I lost weight since I cut back sugar - today I weighed myself and I've lost 2 kg. That's quite a lot for me since I've been eating a lot, results are amazing.

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12/15/10 4:03 P

TOTALLY. I haven't properly weighed myself since. But stepped into the pharmacy scale and I had lost 2 kilos, not to mention I was wearing a coat, my shoes, I had the period...
So yes, it definetly affects the weight, and it's the first diet I've ever made that has helped me with thighs fat - that's awesome.

To update my sugar challenge, I'm having too few sweets and cravings had almost dissapear... so I encourage everyone to take this challenge! it's easier than it seems!

12/15/10 2:12 P


I was wondering if cutting back on the sugar did anything with your weight???

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12/12/10 1:38 P

EHBLUEMLE, good luck! I also gave up sugar-free candies because my main focus was quitting things that tastes sweet. I even prefer to have the real thing if I want something sugary!

Update after a month and some days:

I've been 2 weeks not eating sugar at all (except fruit). The other 2 weeks I indulged a few days a week.

The positive:

- I've definetly gave up a serious bad habit: the need for eating a square of dark chocolate after lunch and dinner.
- My cravings has almost dissapear, or at least, decreased
- Eating the same amount of savoury food I used to eat before, or even more, I've lost some kilos

The negative:

- An urinary tract infection (sorry if tmi) my doctor said was caused by a nutrients deficit
- Seriously delayed period
- Now, every time I eat something sugared, my stomach aches a lot. It's almost unbearable (the good thing is this keeps me away from sugar)

Now I think I'll keep eating less sugar, just when I really want it! :)

12/3/10 12:14 P

I quit sugar on October 5, and except for a few really stressful patches where I *really* wanted some chocolate, it's been pretty easy. My main problem now is that I've discovered some sugar-free candies that taste so sweet that I feel like they're keeping my sweet tooth going. I think I should give those up, too.

Tip: the most delicious dessert I eat now is frozen blueberries with milk. I mix a little whole milk with the skim, pour it over the berries, and stir it up. The milk freezes a little bit so that it's like eating blueberry ice cream. SO delicious, and better than any candy!

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11/24/10 3:33 A

Hi guys!

I'm still doing it, and it's good that I'm not as anxious or obsessed as I was when I started the challenge. It's not hard to me to not use sugar, and overall I'm feeling much better :)

As some of you said, there are hidden sugars in food - well let's say EVERY FOOD, oh god when I went to the supermarket and I started to read labels... I discovered that my usual yoghourt, allegedly diet friendly and 0% fat, was packed with 18 grams of sugar!! So next thing I'm going to do is being more concious about this and start to read all labels.

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11/22/10 9:34 P

I think this is a great idea. I need to cut down, as I know that I use sugar to get energy when I am tired - instead of sleep or exercise or good food. I always say, I don't like coffee (I drink decaf) I only like sugar and cream! I'll give this a try too

SELF-LOVE Posts: 1,201
11/22/10 6:41 A

I've been going the Low to No Sugar route for 2 months now and lately, I have found that in my Tea or Coffee or Lemon/Lime Water and even my cereal/oatmeal that I no longer even want the whole packet of Nevella in my food and drink. Everything is just too sweet. This is a biggie for me. I sometimes buy SF desserts and even those make me frown cause things are just too sweet. I even get to where I am craving only clean foods instead of anything fast, cheap, or processed.

It's amazing to know that this was all a chemical imbalance opposed to what I thought was seasonal emotional eating issues!

Good Luck w/your Quest!

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11/21/10 7:29 P

I cut out sugar a couple of years ago. Occasionally I'll have something with artificial sugar or naturally sweetened but after a few weeks of going sugar free I lost my taste for it. You have to be careful to read labels, tho, there's lots of sugar where you don't expect it. I read labels VERY carefully. Also, carbs that are not 100% whole grain are essentially sugar, so I'm careful to eat whole grains only. Feel SOOOOO much better and have really lost my taste for sugar. Keep it up!

ANDREWRACE24111 Posts: 31
11/21/10 3:37 P

Good luck with keeping off the sugar, i find it hard as well

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11/21/10 5:51 A


I've been two weeks quitting sugar here and there, allowing myself very few treats. Yesterday I really indulged, I shared an almond mocca at starbucks with my boyfriend and god, it was so sugared it tasted like chocolate syrup... Ugh. So disgusting.
That night I also shared with him a piece of red velvet cake and tonight my stomach aches were so intense I wanted to puke all the night, I really poisoned myself. So at the moment I have very bad feelings for anything sugary.

And this is the positive thing of all this sugar detox thing. I don't crave sugar as much as I used to, I've cut off all the bad habits I used to have (chocolate after every meal, i.e.)... And this is good.
But the bad thing is my doctor told me I need more sugar than this because I've had an infection caused by this. I've had acne when I've never had it, not even during my teen years. My defenses have decreased and I'm more exposed to colds... so I have to find a balance point.

All that so far. I'll keep you informed!

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11/15/10 4:40 A

After my sugar downfall, this morning I've woken up feeling a terrible stomach ache and feeling very bad. I hope this will keep me away from sweets for a very long time! :(

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11/14/10 3:54 P


This weekend I've eaten a lot. I've also drunk tons of beer and rum, but not over exceed on sugar (except for half a cookie yesterday, some coca cola for the rum, and today... chocolate cookies and some dark chocolate). I used to eat a lot of sweets during weekend, so I've improved.
Anyway, tomorrow I'm back on track.

BECKY425 Posts: 259
11/12/10 9:52 P

Best of luck to you!

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11/12/10 3:28 P


Today I've been a little indulgent: I couldn't say no to a chocolate chip cookie my boyfriends' mum baked... But I'm don't regret it, because in the past, on friday nights I used to overeat and binge on chocolate and sweet things, but now I don't need any :) I'm happy about this!

I think I'll eat something chocolatey if I really really crave it and I don't go for it (I mean if it comes to me and I can't resist hehe). I notice some progress and I've discovered I can live off sugar - at least 5 days ;)

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11/11/10 4:10 P


Such a hard day at uni... I'm still on this no sugar thing, but today I've eaten so little because I hadn't had time... but I'll try to up my food intake because I was starving at mid afternoon again.

Anyway, I've been literally surrounded by sweet things and I didn't have any cravings! yay! :) So I'm happy but let's see this weekend, when I tend to overeat. But not this time, I hope :)

See you!

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11/10/10 4:10 P

Thank you for your suggestions Deborah, I'll look for cane sugar. I already add cinnamon! love it! But I won't have stevia because what I want is to forget about how sweetness tastes, so alternatives are not allowed for the moment :)


It's been a tough day at uni... I thought it would be harder though, so it's ok. I haven't had sugar cravings so far. I've made lots of improvements so far!

- I used to add 1+ teaspoons of sugar to every expresso (2 at day) - now, any, and with no effort
- 2 teaspoons of honey to my oats!! - now any
- I used to add 1 teaspoon of sugar to my tea (1 at day) - now, any
- I used to eat 2 squares of lindt 70% dark chocolate religiously every day - now any.
Not to mention the ocassional chocolate bar I used to have here and there.

I have noticed I am very hungry at mid afternoon, so I'll try to get bigger portions.

See you!

DEBORAHBROWN1 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/10/10 3:05 P

A suggestion for your oats in the morning, add some cinnamon - it's sweet and may help you stay on your journey.

As well a great supplement to sugar is "Stevia" - I use it in my tea or coffie - it's very sweet, no calories and tastes great.

Another alternative is "Cane" sugar - it's much better than processed sugar - but the body does recognize it and will not store as fat. It also has more nutrients available for your body as well instead of processed white sugar - which has nothing available to the body.

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11/9/10 3:39 P


As I did yesterday, I had my usual porridge with half a teaspoon of sugar. Today I realized how many sugar has all bran cereals! oh my god this challenge is making me look the labels and I'm scared of all the hidden sugar in our food.

I've just had dinner and I've been eating one square of 70% dark chocolate every single night after dinner for years. Bad habit I know! So it's strange not to have it now, and I miss it but just a little.

I've added nuts and hazelnuts to my diet and they're helping too.


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11/8/10 4:13 P

Thanks for the encourage, I really appreciate it! :)


So today I haven't eaten any chocolate (I can't remember the last day I did that!). No sugar, just a 0% yogurt (5'8 grams sugar) and the little sugar I had this morning. I had no cravings, so I'm happy although it's been just one day :P

I weighed myself today, to see how this affect my weight. I weight 59'3 kg (130 lbs) at 5'8. I'll be eating the same, maybe a little more (instead of chocolate, sugar etc... nuts and almonds to keep me satisfied)

QUEEN_REINA Posts: 3,953
11/8/10 7:26 A

Best of luck! I know I'd be doing better if I'd just quit it cold turkey!

WINWIN1 Posts: 589
11/8/10 6:18 A

Good luck! emoticon

MIADUBOIS SparkPoints: (0)
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11/8/10 4:09 A

Thank you guys! it's very motivational to know you're there :)

So I started this morning, breakfast, the sweetest food of the day. My breakfast usually consists on porridge and an expresso. I used to add one full teaspoon of lyle's golden syrup and a teaspoon of sugar to my coffee.

I tried my porridge and I didn't like it without sugar! And it's my favourite part of the day so I couldn't spoil it that way, so I add half a teaspoon of sugar (brown sugar, just a few grams). It tasted good then!

I didn't add any to my coffee.

Let's see how the day goes!

11/7/10 7:54 P


DH1007 Posts: 29
11/7/10 6:51 P

ood Luck to you!

POLLKAT SparkPoints: (20,561)
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11/7/10 5:32 P

Well best of luck. I need to do that.

MIADUBOIS SparkPoints: (0)
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11/7/10 4:09 P

Hi sparkpeople buddies!
My name's Anna, I'm 22 and from Spain (so sorry about my bad english!) and I've recently joined sparkpeople.
I want to quit sugar, because I found terribly hard to have "just a little piece" of a chocolate bar, candies, etc...
So after lots of research and unsuccessful tryings, I've decided to challenge myself and go cold turkey for, I don't know, at least a week.

I don't want to lose weight (but I won't feel bad if i do)

This is my plan:

- No chocolate
- No sugar
- No diet coke

Oficially starting tomorrow, november 8th. Wish me luck!

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