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JADZIA1111 Posts: 10
1/22/13 12:18 A

I usedto crave sugar all the time, it was really bad.รค

So I'm cutting out sugar for a while now and then try to ear just a little bit every now and then.
I even don't eat fruit now, just an apple a day for breakfest (with seeds or an egg or yoghurt).

1/21/13 5:47 P

I'm starting on Week Three and I really do feel better not eating sugar!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
1/19/13 9:35 A Listen to Richard Johnson M.D. lecture on "THE SUGAR FIX". He is a Professor at the U. of Colorado who does kidney transplants.

I have GOUT and Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance and have learned much from his book "The Sugar Fix."

OHMEMEME Posts: 610
1/18/13 8:22 A

I am much better about limiting sugar and other refined carbs but I still love them. If I deny myself too long I crave and binge on it. If I eat too much I want more. Like someone else mentioned sometimes it works out really great and others I completely fall. Balance, balance, balance, fall and get up again and again and again. All of the replies sound helpful. Keep trying and find what works for you today. Best wishes and Keep Sparking!

1/18/13 7:23 A

I've avoided processed foods (since most of them have hidden sugars added) and been mindful about my portions and the quality of what I'm eating. The Zone Challenge I'm doing (which is not SparkPeople proportions) lets me add more fat in my diet if I'm feeling too hungry or light-headed. The first week I went with 3x the fat as normal Zone, but this week I'm staying closer to 2x the fat.

It's been difficult to say not to treats at work and social events, but not impossible. I don't keep any kind of sweets at home so that makes it a lot easier!

26BETH SparkPoints: (5,522)
Fitness Minutes: (2,035)
Posts: 180
1/15/13 9:46 P

How do you do it?

1/15/13 9:29 P

The alcohol is difficult! I've had to avoid spending time places where people are drinking.

CHRISBEM SparkPoints: (37,023)
Fitness Minutes: (11,625)
Posts: 1,605
1/15/13 6:49 P

I've been working on getting off - My biggest change so far has been switching the junk sugar for fruits. I am having trouble with the alcohol.

KAITLYNN51 Posts: 762
1/15/13 8:55 A

I gave up sugar in Sept. and the only time I had it since then was Thanksgiving when I just literally took one bite of my Aunt's Pecan pie and on my Dad's birthday when I again had just one bite of his Italian cream cake. Each time one bite was enough, I have also found that fruit taste much sweeter since giving up the sugar.

1/13/13 9:36 P

I did have a tiny piece of my friend's homemade cake last night...but just a taste was enough. This is a lot easier than I thought it would be!

1/11/13 6:38 P

Since I have given up sugar, I have really enjoyed the taste of fruit. I got a "Yonanas" machine for Christmas and have been making different frozen treats using different fruits and of course bananas. Yummmm.... All sugar free! emoticon emoticon emoticon

1/11/13 6:26 P

Day Five and I was able to say no to the beautiful cake at work today!

1/10/13 9:52 P

I didn't used to crave sweets that much. Today I had a lot of fruit because that's mostly what I had before I went grocery shopping. The banana actually tasted TOO sweet to me!

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
1/10/13 8:05 A

I think my sugar intake is generally low because I eat clean 90-95% of the time and I don't eat sweets. I crave salt before I crave sugar. I do eat occasional fruits and this week I've stolen a couple atomic fireballs out of my daughter's candy stash. But generally I feel better without the sugar.

Good luck in your challenge- I'd be interested in hearing how the 16 weeks go and the results that you find!

1/9/13 9:40 P

I WAS doing well today but then I went out to dinner for a friend's birthday. I planned ahead of time so I had extra blocks (aka calories), but the chicken I ordered had honey on it! Plus, a whole chicken breast is WAY more than a serving! At least I was able to pass on the homemade delicious-smelling cupcakes :)

1/8/13 9:17 P

It's the end of day two, and I'm actually feeling pretty good! Not deprived at all :) I'm trying to avoid sugary fruit (bananas, dates) since that's been my downfall before.

I've been doing the real whole food thing for a long time so luckily I haven't had to worry too much about analyzing nutrition labels. But yes, it's amazing what foods have added sugar!

Good luck to all of you who are also kicking the sugar habit! emoticon

BELEKWAL Posts: 60
1/8/13 1:52 P

Isn't it weird about sugar? For some of us there is never enough. I have tried having little everyday, planning a treat into my daily diet. It would work great until it didn't. I have tried abstaining completely. It would work great until it didn't. One thing that always works is not having treats, even vaguely like something I would like, in the house. I love my son and he deserves I healthy mother more than he ever needs sweets. There are some sweet things I just don't like (it's hard to believe). When I want to get something for my son I buy an individual serving (just in case) and buy something that isn't chocolate or caramel. Not tempting myself really helps and the sugar-free days add up. After a while I find myself satisfied with natural sweets, apples, dates and sweet potatoes I wish you success, a little luck and a lot of sweetness from life..
Take care,

PAG41989 SparkPoints: (2,953)
Fitness Minutes: (6,210)
Posts: 84
1/8/13 1:20 P

I am trying right now starting yesterday to cut out sugar. So far so good. I gave in yesterday morning and had one mini york peppermint patty from my co worker's candy jar yesterday but today I have had no sugar and I plan to keep it that way! Sugar is the only strong addiction I have and it has been so hard to try to quit. I always find myself craving a cupcake, chocolate or some form of candy. I think anything freshly baked are my biggest weaknesses.. and publix cupcakes.. mmmmm.

LEANANDFREEAT23 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,080)
Posts: 79
1/8/13 12:11 P

good for you guys, I cut out refined sugars about 2 years ago for 8 weeks but i was SO grouchy all the time so now I just try to limit the amount that I have.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,182
1/8/13 11:54 A

I've cut out 90% of refined sugar and most flour. I am surprised at how bad I feel when I eat bread (even wheat). I use low carb tortillas for my sandwiches. I will not cut out fruit. I have also lost weight (more than I thought I would). That being said, I do use molasses, honey, or maple syrup if I really WANT some sweetness. I don't crave it.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/8/13 9:20 A

Haven't really eaten a lot of sugar (refined sugar) in the past two years. Kind of got off track the last month or so. Started a 28 day vegan raw food bootcamp. Very limited sugar only in fruits and some veggies. Have had a low grade headache the past two days. Must have had more sugar than i thought over the last two months. Should be fine in another day.

IZER17 Posts: 1
1/7/13 10:55 P

I gave up non-natural occurring sugars and white flour back in November. The sugar in fruits/veggies and dairy are naturally occurring, which is good. In a nut shell as I tell people, I eat real, whole foods - if there're ingredients on a label I can't pronounce, I don't eat it. It's been pretty easy besides adjusting the grocery list a little - I can't believe how many foods have sneaked in sugar (in one form or another!).

1/7/13 9:48 P

Yes, I can eat apples and carrots! It's a modified version of the Zone with 3x the fat.

CHB1020 SparkPoints: (1,586)
Fitness Minutes: (1,694)
Posts: 42
1/7/13 8:00 P

I've never attempted this, but I'm interested-- when you say "quitting sugar," does that include sugar in fruits and certain vegetables like carrots? I'm willing to give up sweets, but I don't think I could give up apples and carrots! Good for you for making it through the first day-- it's very encouraging and makes me want to do the same!

1/7/13 6:17 P

I started a nutrition challenge at my crossfit where I can't have sugar or alcohol for the next 16 weeks. Today is day one and so far, so good :)

Anyone else detoxed from sugar?

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