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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,300
11/23/13 5:52 A

I'd have to say that without any additional information.... my first guess would be extra calories from eating. Or if you replaced the soda with drinking lots of juice or sweet tea or something. Or like a pp mentioned, extra exercise causing water retention. Could be high-sodium foods or hormone fluctuations (TOM) causing water retention. All other things remaining equal-- quitting soda all by itself, would not make you gain weight. You'd really need to examine your overall calorie intake to see if it's increased in some way.

VESUVIOUS SparkPoints: (27,345)
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11/22/13 11:45 P

That does seem weird since that's such a less amount of sugar a day. I would echo the same about meals. Are you eating more salt, nibbling more since you aren't drinking soda? My weight fluctuates a lot with food. Pizza (even just cheese) makes me gain water weight. I would just keep adding in the healthy things and know that your body is internally better!!! Did you change scales? One of my little dudes broke my cheapy, dial scale and when I bought a new one I found out that my old one was weighing me 7lbs lighter than reality. That was a hard blow!!! emoticon So I gained 7lbs in like a minute.....keep up your hard work!

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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11/21/13 8:48 P

Not to that extent, I don't think, or every coffee addict in the world would be skinny as a twig and as parched as the Sahara. Six Dr. Peppers only have the equivalent in caffeine of a cup or so worth of strong coffee, I believe. Not to mention that my own caffeine consumption has been all over the map and back since this summer, and my weight hasn't; and the OP says she's lost weight cutting out soda before.

I'd guess it's more what others have said -- either pure chance in terms of water weight, an unconscious increase in calories elsewhere, or a combination of both.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,275)
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11/21/13 12:51 P

I would guess that it could be due to less caffeine in your body as caffeine can both boost metabolism and dehydrate the body.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (254,056)
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11/21/13 5:30 A

It is quite possible that you replaced the sweet-fix from the soda, with something else - even salty things. I agree with Russell re checking it out.

Something else comes to mind, too. Have you increased exercise? If so, it could be partly to do with that. Your body retains extra fluid etc. for and while building muscle. If this is the cause, then it will subside.

Apart from that, I used to fluctuate that amount of weight within the course of ONE DAY :-(

Good luck with finding your cause.


RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
11/20/13 6:39 P

Do you think you gained weight by cutting out 72-120 ozs of liquid sugar? I don't think that is your problem.

Do you have a menu from 6 weeks ago? If so, compare the two, and see if you replaced the calories elsewhere in your diet, with other foods.

LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,714
11/20/13 3:44 P

I wish I still drank soda so I could give it up and lose weight!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
11/20/13 3:21 P

it could be any number of things.
if you only weighed yourself at the beginning and the end, 5lbs is within a normal daily variance. in other words, you likely didn't gain or lose any weight, though the number on the scale may have shifted around a lot.
when you cut out soda are you sure you didn't replace it with something else? maybe a little more coffee [and add ins] in the morning? grabbed something in place of the can? have been eating just a little larger portions? those little unintentional swaps can add up. and i haven't known anyone who wasn't a little fuzzy for a while when cutting out that much caffeine.

11/20/13 3:03 P

I'm trying to lose weight, and I decided I was going to take it one step at a time. My first goal was to quit drinking soda. I went from drinking six cans of Dr. Pepper per day to none. I did this by cutting out one soda per day each week. Last week was the final week.

Before this I weighed 150 lbs. Now I weigh 155, regardless of time of day. I don't think it's muscle mass, because my activity hasn't changed.

Any ideas why this is happening? I cut out soda years ago for a while and I LOST weight.

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