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1/9/14 6:45 A

clementine oranges for me in the winter because they are very small bites that are quick to swallow and don't require a lot of tooth action to chew

I have to do a lot of conference calls that can last over 90 minutes so I can either mute the phone for periods of time or use speaker phone and move away from the telephone, but even with this I go with easy to eat and quiet snack foods because I have been caught off guard (just happened the other day when I took a bite of salad and then my phone rang) and need to be able to swallow quick to answer.

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1/9/14 5:54 A

Keep in mind that having any kind of food in your mouth, will affect the way you sound on the phone-- even if it's a "quiet" food. If you're going to attempt to "eat" while talking on the phone, your best bet might be a liquid (smoothie etc) that is swallowed immediatley so you're not actually trying to talk with food in your mouth. Otherwise, a small bite of almost anything, that you can chew and swallow quickly in case the phone rings. I've talked to businesspeople on the phone who were actually eating while talking, and yes even with "quiet" foods.... it's noticeable and unprofessional.

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1/9/14 3:57 A

In addition to the previous poster's suggestions, Smoothies, Cherry Tomatoes, string cheese, and yoghurt


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1/9/14 2:18 A

Yogurt, blueberries (any berry really), stone fruit, banana, rice based foods in a snack portion, oatmeal, anything soft and not crunchy could be in a snack sized portion if you wanted it that way. I use those mini canning jars myself.

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1/9/14 1:19 A

My job involves lots of talking on the phone. I need suggestions of healthy snacks than can be eaten quietly and quickly. Thus far I have thought of grapes and edamame.

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