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2/18/13 10:35 A

I'm so glad the idea sounds good to so many people! This is our first day of trying to provide some support. Come on over and join the team or just go send a nice message to our "Person of the Week" - the info is below!

We got ONE submission this week, so let's get over there and spread some love to:


Get over to her page and make a comment on a blog post, make a comment on her page, send her SparkMail if you want to say something private - just do something to let her know that part of her story resonates with you!

Here's a link to a recent blog post that has some great food for thought:

Info from her page:
Hi! My name is Sheena and I've been sparking for over three years! I decided it's time to update my profile because so much has changed since I started sparking! First of all, I'm a 24-year-old divorced college student who recently lost my mother to cancer. I moved back home to help take care of my mom before she died, so now it's just me and my dad trying to comfort each other.

I was working in retail management at a sporting good's store, which really helped me stay motivated in my training! Unfortunately, I quit my job when my mother was given less than six months to live. So now, I'm living back in my childhood home with my dad and trying to pick up the pieces and put my life back together.

I love the outdoors, especially the forest. I love my bicycle and I love my guitar. Music and fitness are the only things that keep me sane! There's nothing quite like turning up the tunes and sweating it out! I like to run, but my knees don't like for me to run. I love yoga and pilates and swimming and in the past year I've discovered there's no feeling quite like weight lifting!!! I've gotten hooked on strength training... and if I could just put down the white carbs I'd be totally cut (but I love my white carbs, hence my little gut!!!)

More than anything spark people has helped me gain strength and with my new found strength I feel like a ROCK STAR! My best friend came to visit from college, and she was amazed by my brand-new rock hard BUTT!! This may sound silly to you guys, but I've never had a butt before! I was always legs and stomach... totally flat buns! Now, I love wearing my spandex yoga pants to show off the goods. Haha. So, thanks spark people, for my fab new rear-end!

My weight loss journey began after my ex- husband and I lost a baby 10 weeks into my first trimester. I was so depressed, I ballooned out and was at my highest weight ever! I found spark people and decided it was what I needed to get myself out of bed and back on track! I lost the first ten pounds very easily just by exercise and small eating changes. The small changes led to BIG changes in my life! My depression and anxiety are all but gone, I'm more responsible, I feel better about myself, I sleep better at night and I feel like I can do anything!

I've plateaued at 150 and the scale hasn't budged in about a year! I decided it was time I make more dramatic changes in order to reach my goal. So, I started strength training more, upped my workouts and starting tracking my calories... the scale hasn't budged but I feel better and my jeans aren't so tight anymore!

I don't live life on a diet, I live a healthy lifestyle, and occasionally I do eat things like cookies and chips, but life and food are meant to be enjoyed, only, in moderation! I believe in "anything in moderation"

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2/18/13 9:34 A

What a great idea!

2/18/13 9:23 A

I love the idea :)

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2/18/13 9:10 A

What a great idea! I love it - a love bomb!!

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2/17/13 10:48 A

I'm helping to form a team that is really just a weekly activity - we get together once a week and send someone a huge bunch of supportive messages and goodies and blog comments. It's simple - we find someone who needs support and we give it. It helps if it's a substantive comment, but even a "Keep Pushin!" emoticon is nice. You can comment on an SP page, on a blog post, or even send an SP Mailer note. Just do something to let our person of the week know they have support and that people out here want to help them!

If you are interested, come over and see how the team works at

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