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11/4/11 9:14 A

Make a big pot of chili! it's fulfilling and last for a few days.

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10/29/11 10:50 P

I just whip up a pot of soup! It's mostly hands-off time while the soup simmers.

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
10/29/11 3:16 P

I know it takes time but you can do it !!

Take a Sunday afternoon and cut up everything and place in zipock bags in your fridge. You should have a bag of lettuce, a bag of cut up tomatos, a bag of cut up pepper strips, onions, celery, carrots etc etc.

Buy a good size ziplock container to place your lunch it. Add the lettuce and the cut up veggies .It won't take long , you could even make the salad the night before.

You could also cook some chicken to add to your salad or a can of tuna or a hard boiled egg!


GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
10/27/11 11:55 A

Hummus and cut up raw vegtables

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10/27/11 10:49 A

So, I've just started eating better, and a chunk of that comes from stocking up on produce and packing my lunch every day.

However, I'm still not that well-established in my new habits--it was always easier to buy junk food at the nearby drugstore rather than schlepping to the more distant grocery store and to buy lunch at work rather than making it and bringing it in. So I'm making the adjustment easier for myself by doing things like buying the pre-washed bags of salad/vegetables at the grocery store. Sure, it's not really that hard to wash vegetables and buying the pre-washed is more expensive. But it's removing a hurdle for me and it's still less expensive than buying meals out.

If I really wanted to make things easier for myself, I'd make lunches for the whole week on Sunday. However, by the time I do a fair amount of prep work for the week on Sunday--cooking some things, slicing some vegetables--I don't really feel like putting together actual lunches.

So, instead, I'm putting together that day's lunch each morning, and, as a result, I sometimes have to hurry. I'm glad, though, that a lot of lunches are easy to put together quickly.

Here's one of the more delicious things I've had, and it took about a minute to put together:

1 medium tortilla
1 tbsp peanut butter
Couple sprinkles of cumin
Little squirt of sriracha sauce (or any hot sauce, but sriracha's good for this)
1.5 to 2 oz. broccoli slaw
1 cup spring mix (baby spinach, lettuce, etc.)
Couple small splashes of rice vinegar (or white vinegar if you don't have rice vinegar, but you'll probably want to use less--Rice vinegar has a nice, mild flavor for this)

I spread a tablespoon of peanut butter in the middle of a medium-sized tortilla (I like the low-carb high-fiber ones from Lat Tortilla Factory). Then I sprinkle on cumin and squirt on a little sriracha sauce and quickly spread those evenly over the peanut butter.

I add a couple ounces of broccoli slaw (the undressed kind you can buy in bags in some stores) and a cup of pre-washed spring mix. I sprinkle on some rice vinegar--if you have enough leafy vegetables there, the vinegar shouldn't make the tortilla soggy.

Then I just wrap it up and jab in a couple of toothpicks to keep it rolled up before it's time to eat. Other vegetables will work well here, too--just spinach instead of spring mix, for example. If you've got some thinly sliced carrots and/or cucumbers to add in or use instead of broccoli slaw, those'd also be good. And fresh basil leaves add nice flavor, if you've got those handy. You could also use more peanut butter than just one tablespoon, but, to my taste, it doesn't need more.

This wrap isn't necessarily enough lunch just on its own, but I can also easily grab an apple and a stick of string cheese out of the fridge to add to lunch or have as a snack.

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