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10/9/12 4:21 P

Thanks for your I put. I agree Curves is a good starting point for me as it still takes work to keep the machines in the green for maximum calorie burn and I still hit my target heart rate for the 30 minutes. And I really have no aspirations to be super ripped or toned at age 60. I certainly admire any my age that achieve those things. But I think realistic goals are important and my goal for the moment is to increase my CV health and not LOSE muscle rather than fat as my weight drops. Anything else is pure gravy. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't in danger of losing what little muscle I now have by not doing any additional ST.

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10/9/12 10:52 A

I think that as a starting point it would be fine. It will get you comfortable with going to the gym and the equipment wont seem so intimidating. Eventually, you may want to switch to a more traditional gym.

The issue I have with the Curves style workout is that it seems to rely solely on isolation machines. But, that isn't how your body really works. Also, exercises that use more than one muscle group at a time are typically a more efficient way of working out.

That said, the exercise that you will actually do, is better than the exercise that looks good on paper, but you wont actually do.

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10/9/12 10:32 A

At this point I do not belong to a regular gym. I just started doing a month to month at a Curvea to see how I liked it and if I would stick to it. It has been a month now. I no longer see my breast surgeon as it is so long post op. My internist certainly approves and encourages the exercise. I was just questioning whether Curves would provide enough strength training for a 60 year old.

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10/9/12 10:18 A

Double check with your doctor before you start weight training. All new people, regardless of age should get a checkup before beginning a new workout.

That said, you may want to start out with some resistance band exercises. Talk to the trainers at your gym, they can set you up with a good workout. A lot of the time, you can talk to them at least once for free.

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10/9/12 10:05 A

Oh, I think you could definitely say I am at the "start" when it comes to exercise.... emoticon I have NEVER exercised in my adult life other than walking. I had my lymph nodes removed a little over 20 years ago and was told to not lift any weight with that arm. Not to even carry my purse on that shoulder. To prevent lymph edema issues.

And since I am a slug at heart I was more than willing to go with that. Sigh..... However, it has been long enough now for me to have developed alternate paths of lymph drainage and since the first few months 20+ years ago I have never had any arm swelling. So I decided it was time to test the waters so to speak.

So when I say I am an exercise neophyte, I mean that quite literally...

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10/9/12 9:46 A

You mean you are into a circuit training program... It is a good start, but in general mixing strength training with cardio results in a hybrid program in which you won't get the full benefits of either a strength training program or an aerobic training program. Ideally you should do 2-3 times a week of weight lifting and in between half an hour of aerobic exercise, like cycling, running, elliptical, etc.

But for a start, circuit training is OK.

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10/9/12 8:52 A

I have been reading here at SP about how important strength training is for you as you exercise and begin to eat in a healthy way. But I know nothing about the science of exercise so I have what may be a very silly question. Is 30 minutes of the Curvea program (hitting the green zones on the machines) a form of ST or do I need to lift weights, etc as well? I am a 60 year old female. I do Curvea 5 times a week and also walk 2 miles in a 30 minute walk 5-6 times a week.

Thoughts and info would be greatly appreciated.

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