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5/24/13 12:29 A

IGSBETH, show your mom in black and white the numbers on the Nutrition Tracker. They don't lie. Measure everything she eats in one day and then show her the numbers. If she can't be swayed after seeing the numbers, just give up on her and make your own meals. Not getting the right amount of nutrients is affecting your life.

Spark On!

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5/23/13 4:17 P

I agree that avoiding processed foods is great!

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5/23/13 11:15 A

Well, she does have some points.
1. Avoiding processed foods is a great idea. Only good things can come from this.
2. There is a lot of protein in vegetables that they are not given credit for. I do not believe that the tracker can account for all the protein. Complete protein for humans is made up by essential amino acids. If you eat carrots with cabbage, for example, the amino acids from the carrots will make up the missing essential amino acids from the cabbage. So when eaten together they will have more protein than when eaten separately. I haven't seen any evidence that spark tracks amino acids.
3. If you eat nothing but salads for 6 days and then have nothing but ice cream on the 7th, you are probably way better off nutritionally than if you ate prepackaged foods from the diet section of the grocer's freezer. You will get huge amounts of micro nutrients and phyto nutrients as well as fiber that are going to be missing from most American diets. You won't be loading your pancreas with refined carbohydrates.

It is certainly possible to live for a very long time only eating fruits and vegetables, and be totally healthy.

Don't panic. Don't fight. Try it. If it doesn't work out for you, tweak. Add tuna to the salads. Have a side of crackers. You won't starve.

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5/22/13 9:14 P

Well... in addition to the, everbody's different approach... you could say, you try your plan and I'll follow the SparkPeople plan, and after 3 or 4 months we'll see how the plans are working out. You could even throw in there, if your plan is working better, *maybe* I'll join you.(I'm willing to bet she won't make it 3 or 4 months, on 2 salads a day). In the meantime, you'd have to be doing some cooking for yourself. And it could be a little extra incentive for you to stay on track as well-- just to show her up.

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5/22/13 1:48 P

Stardust2k4, that's a really good way of looking at it!

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5/21/13 7:46 P

I personally like the "everyone is different" way of looking at it.

Sure, eating those "perfect meals" works for her, but if it's not working for you, then you definitely don't need to follow her.

Just keep doing what you're doing, and let her do what she's doing.

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5/21/13 3:46 P

Keep eating your crackers and try to ignore it. You could also try the "Every body is different" speech, but really, she's probably just going through a phase. It'll pass.

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5/21/13 1:07 P

Yes, I agree. And I do cook as often as I am able. She knows about Spark, but doesn't use it.
I just have to ride out the wave. I can't complain about having more fresh food in the house, anyway. I am just tired of getting dirty looks when I eat a perfectly healthy whole wheat cracker.

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5/21/13 12:47 P


In theory, a person could get most of their protein needs from fresh fruit and veggies. The key is to ensure they eat enough calories worth to fuel their day as well as make sure that they vary the amount of veggies. If your mom is only eating two big salads a day, I think it's safe to say she isn't going to meet her protein needs or her calorie needs. Two salads is not enough veggies to do what she wants.

Is she eating anything like tuna ? she could toss a can of tuna into her salad. that would help with the protein. She could even put in some grilled chicken.

I take it your mom doesn't want to listen to reason ? If so, I hate to say this, but you may have to consider cooking your own meals. Have you shown your mom any of the great Spark recipes ? Perhaps if you suggested some "healthier" meals she might consider making them.

As I see it, this isn't going to last for long. Your mom is going to burn out on those salads. I feel bad because it means she may well try some other gimic in hopes of losing weight. Eliminating whole food groups isn't the answer. I'm sure she doesn't want to hear that. She just wants to know what's the fastest way to lose weight and their isn't one.

For now, you may have to cook your own meals to ensure you get the proper nutrition you need.

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5/21/13 12:27 P

My mom is really gung-ho on a diet now. She is totally convinced that she knows all the answers.

The answers involve avoiding dairy and all processed food, and eating two huge salads twice a day.

She is convinced she can get all the protein she needs by eating almost nothing but fruits and vegetables.

She is not vegan or vegetarian.

I am NOT convinced that you get enough protein this way.

Also, it's just cruising for a bruising. Eventually you are going to crash and eat nothing but ice cream for a day or something.

One of her "perfect meals" that we had was a baked sweet potato with salsa and beans on it. Even with the beans, it did not have that much protein when I tracked it.

And I work out a LOT, and I need more calories accordingly.

But she is really pushing this on me. I think she's mad.

Note that we live together, so lying about what I eat isn't an option.

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